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Tuesday, June 28, 2016
The Customer Journey
40 minutes
Mapping your customer’s journey is the best way to understand their needs at each of the four key phases of their interaction with your brand: Discovery, Engagement, Transaction, and Advocacy. 

In the Discovery phase, for example, how have you positioned your brands in the minds of your customers when they are looking to solve specific health and beauty or meal solutions problems? 

Even once they have found you, is your product the kind of product your customers want to talk about publicly? If not, you need some creative strategies to encourage better levels of Engagement so that they will look to Transact with you. When your product delivers on its promise, you have a golden opportunity to develop and cultivate Advocacy and create raving fans that will help promote your brand to other potential customers – but only if you are listening and paying attention to what your customers are saying about you and your products. 

During his presentation, Bill Carmody, CEO of Trepoint, will show retailers and suppliers how to map the customer journey to accelerate their brands.
Bill Carmody, CEO