Helping Buyers + Sellers Around the World

Your Catalyst, Your Engine, Your Spark

Whether you’re a retailer, supplier, owner/operator or service provider, we drive efficiency and effectiveness for your business. Through an innovative digital platform and face-to-face interaction, ECRM brings planning, knowledge, guidance and networking together, unlike anyone in the industry. We’re in the discovery business, helping bring innovative products and services to the world. We do it across categories, across platforms, across the globe, and we’ve been doing it for 25 years.

We also fuel your business with insight and thought leadership that points forward to where the industry is going, so you can be a step ahead in an ever-changing landscape. We’re Here making it happen, being your catalyst, your engine, your spark. ECRM is…A driving force for buyers + sellers.

Our History


ECRM hosts first Health & Beauty Care Program with only 15 participants


ECRM expands coverage into the general merchandise, pharmacy and grocery categories


ECRM launches first international Program


Retailers use ECRM Programs to complete category reviews from start to finish


e-Fusion launched - first software designed to streamline buyer and seller communication

2012 | ECRM Connect App

ECRM Connect™ application launched to replace the e-Fusion software to improve all buyer and seller interactions


Greg Farrar joins the ECRM team as CEO


ECRM successfully enters foodservice market and holds supplier diversity sourcing summit for national retailers

2017 | ECRM + RangeMe

ECRM acquires RangeMe to make product discovery even easier for buyers and suppliers, ECRM opens international office in Utrecht, Netherlands to help drive category success around the world


Expands portfolio to over 80 different Programs in a variety of different categories