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When you participate in an ECRM program you gain access to all of the following benefits

Simplify Product Discovery with RangeMe

Enable seamless sourcing with a simple dashboard that puts thousands of products at your fingertips 24/7/365. Set up your RangeMe profile to start discovering today.

Effective Supplier Interactions with ECRMADVANTAGE

Help suppliers prepare for in-person appointments by defining your objectives, goals and the deliverables needed to move your business forward.

Vendor Qualification with SupplierDEMAND

Fuel your category needs with access to qualified products, companies and services that align with your business.

Productive In-Person Appointments at an EPPS

Engage suppliers in face-to-face appointments in one location over 2-3 days.

Vendor Management with SupplierCONNECTION

Streamline the follow up process by defining your preferred methods, expectations and timelines.

ECRM-A Driving Force

"ECRM is a valuable asset to the new supplier and new item process for my business. One of the advantages to this format is time savings. The format allows me to thoroughly review potential suppliers and potential new items in a fast, efficient manner. Distractions are kept to a minimum, and I can walk away from a program with all the information needed to make sound decisions on new items or new suppliers."

Mark Whited, Kroger

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