"ECRM sessions are perfect for us because in the same place we can meet our current partners to check-in as well as connect with new potential accounts. Not only do the meetings offer insight, but the sessions are a great place for us to learn more about what’s trending and what’s coming up in the market. We learn a lot from our session attendances because we can survey our buyers all in one place, as well as learn from our peers."
David Slagle, Designer Protein, LLC
"We're very happy with the success of this session. Approximately 80 percent to 85 percent of the meetings were valuable leads to grow our business. It's definitely necessary to use these types of sessions to broaden the relationships and express our products in a way that differentiates us from the other hundred Mexican-style salsas on the market -- face to face meetings help us to accomplish that."
Griffin Hussong
Imperio Salsa LLC
"ECRM’s format is unlike any other. The frequency of appointments is amazing. There is no other place where you get the opportunity to meet with the people that ECRM gets to attend their sessions. Not only are the lists impressive time and time again, but you can rest assured you are meeting with your right buyers. You can prepare by reviewing retailer lists and what each of them are looking for prior to attending – we use this information to plan our meetings and decide what products to bring. If you are trying to work with someone new, this is the easiest way to break in. It’s the most efficient way to meet everyone you need to at the same time and in one place. The meeting time format ensures you get down to business from the moment you walk in."
Greg Shively
Wild Republic
"Three years ago, I attended my first ECRM session. That first attendance allowed me to reconnect with some vendors and reestablish relationships. From there, I knew ECRM was a must for me. Continuing to attend year after year has been critical to our success. Three years in, I am seeing my current vendors and building those programs as well as meeting new retail partners each time! You get insider knowledge before even attending – the buyers tell you exactly what they are looking for in their focuses. This allows you to prepare, but also ensure that the correct buyer is attending. ECRM is the most productive, efficient use of time from beginning to end. The attendees and staff are professional, and it is always overall a great experience."
Robyn Smalletz
Gloria Duchin
"The format is a lot more respectful to suppliers’ time and efforts. Instead of trying to catch a retailer as they are speeding by your booth at a trade show, ECRM brings them right to you for a private, pre-scheduled meeting. It’s much less stressful. ECRM is a great way for emerging suppliers to grow their business, and I would recommend to any supplier looking to get into retail and foodservice. ECRM sets you up for success!"
Leah Caplanis
SOCIAL Sparkling Wine