"It was my first time experiencing an ECRM virtual show. I was impressed with the technical support throughout the whole process, and the comfort of fitting it in to my work schedule."
Jon Calligandes, Associated Grocers of New England
"I had very productive meetings and was able to meet some new manufacturers I was unaware of, and some that had really innovative products that I think will work well for us. I wouldn’t have found these without participating in the ECRM program this week. I will definitely be back and look forward to it."
Tara Anderson
Holiday Stationstores, Inc.
"This was my first ECRM experience, in-person or virtual and it was great! Super informative. I came into this with an open mind looking for fast and easy solutions that would help our department adapt to the many changes due to the pandemic. I found some great opportunities that I’ll be following up with right away."
Rochelle Drexler
Aspirus Wausau Hospital
"With this being my first ECRM program, I was pleased with the quality of buyers we met during the ECRM Frozen Foods Fall program. The platform is super easy and the format of back-to-back meetings is very efficient. Well done ECRM!"
Jerrod Adkins
"These are pioneering times in the industry we all play in. Your company’s role is setting new standards and it’s great to be both a participant and a partner in it’s development."
Jonas Rempel
Giant Tiger Stores Ltd.
"I launched Veggie Power VEGAN Pizza several months ago. I have never been in the food business before and didn't want to hawk stores to buy my pizza as it’s just a waste of time. I wanted to get into mainstream stores, so I joined ECRM Virtual programs. I was impressed with the platform as it works great and ECRM can jump start your business than if you try doing it yourself!"
Anthony DeLorenzo
TD Specialty Foods, LLC
"I was very pleased with the quality of the ECRM Frozen Foods Fall program. I found the quality of the meetings set in place for Siwin Foods great and the platform was very easy to work with. The online support was instantaneous. Very well done."
Gord Dejong
Siwin Foods Ltd.
"ECRM is an example of how great companies pivot. The virtual program(s) I've attended since the start of Covid-19 have been exceptional. It's a great platform to interact with potential buyers remotely, and then have samples sent for consideration. As a seller who has been focused on foodservice prior to Covid, ECRM gave us the ability to start building a retail portfolio to help diversify our offerings. Highly recommended!"
Eric Ciancaglini
Chank's Grab-N-Go
"This was my first experience at ECRM. Their team was very accommodating, organized and responsive throughout the entire process. The program offered a networking opportunity that I feel like I missed out on over the last year. You are able to engage with new suppliers in a very timely and efficient manner. I look forward to attending again!"
Chris Pilger
Blue Apron