"Utilizing ECRM is extremely helpful when it comes to seasonal planning. Having ECRM facilitate my meeting schedule, samples, vendor requests, item tagging, etc. allows me time to focus my strategy and planning of the season. ECRM is flexible and adapts well to change, open to feedback, reacts quickly to requests, and has friendly and engaging staff. I appreciate all that the ECRM team does for me and my business!"
Maureen Keenan, CVS Health
"We don’t have to look very far to find the value of ECRM. In fact, we can directly trace over $1 million in sales from the ECRM sessions that we’ve attended."
Jennifer Finley
Too Good Gourmet, Inc.
"It was my first time experiencing an ECRM virtual show. I was impressed with the technical support throughout the whole process, and the comfort of fitting it in to my work schedule."
Jon Calligandes
Associated Grocers of New England
"I had very productive meetings and was able to meet some new manufacturers I was unaware of, and some that had really innovative products that I think will work well for us. I wouldn’t have found these without participating in the ECRM program this week. I will definitely be back and look forward to it."
Tara Anderson
Holiday Stationstores, Inc.
"This was my first ECRM experience, in-person or virtual and it was great! Super informative. I came into this with an open mind looking for fast and easy solutions that would help our department adapt to the many changes due to the pandemic. I found some great opportunities that I’ll be following up with right away."
Rochelle Drexler
"These are pioneering times in the industry we all play in. Your company’s role is setting new standards and it’s great to be both a participant and a partner in it’s development."
Jonas Rempel
Giant Tiger Stores Ltd.
"As a specialty Cocoa and Drink Mix Company, finding the right buyer and getting an appointment can be difficult. With ECRM, I have been able to utilize my time effectively to see the correct buyer and show our lines. These meetings have turned into sales and new channels that we would otherwise have a hard time finding. The professionalism of the show itself is tremendous. Buyers WANT to go and seem to enjoy this method of sourcing products. I consider ECRM my most important show at the start of the year. The package may seem expensive at first, but with everything that is included, it is actually a savings over trying to see these many buyers on the road."
Alex Pava
McSteven's, Inc.
"The value of ECRM sessions is the time savings. It takes me out of the office, where I am not interrupted by phone calls and/or emails. ECRM helps expand my business by giving me an opportunity to spend more time with vendors, and validating the right assortment. ECRM also provides useful software that will allow me to work on a spreadsheet which will help me plan better for the next season. I am looking forward to the next event!"
Barry Phillips
"We are a distributor who carries a huge line of holiday items. ECRM is fantastic because we can see a large number of existing suppliers and meet new ones, all at one place. The events are fast paced, but a great use of our time. We will continue to attend these very well run events."
Josh Rothstein
Redstone Foods, Inc.
"ECRM events are well organized and very well planned out. The staff is very accommodating and helpful. These events made it very easy for me to see what is available in the market. It’s easy to see all manufacturers in one location. Seeing the line samples is a plus as it helps me to make my SKU mix decisions in a timely manner. The best part….there is no charge for the event. Why wouldn’t all buyers come?"
Jill Joyner
Piggly Wiggly Carolina Company, Inc.
"ECRM has been a great session for us with seasonal planning. This past winter, we used the show to do all our procurement for 2 holiday seasons. It turned out great! It was the most productive and efficient way to plan that we have done to date. The format, staff, venue and overall convenience has been awesome for our business. We love the advantages of doing business through ECRM!"
Charles Willson
Brookshire Brothers
"We attended the recent ECRM Candy Annual Planning session, from the moment we made that decision and with only 5 days to prepare, a bit last minute, I was scooped up by my account manager to prepare, lots of work first time around but well worth it. From the vice president of grocery, all the way across the board, his team got us set up and ready. The meetings were quick and concise, the leads have been solid and have, only 1 week after, begun to pay off. There is no question that we will attend more of these and be happy with the quality buyers that attend and the great team of people that make it happen."
Michael Souza
Andre Prost, Inc.
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing an excellent venue to meet with some really great buyers representing companies large and small to discuss our exciting product portfolio. I can think of four very good reasons why the ECRM Candy meeting has become an integral part of our plans for the past three years. The first is that we are able to speak with the buyers one on one. There is no one walking down the aisle to interrupt or anything at another booth to take someone’s attention away. Second, your MarketGate program is so complete and your staff is so competent that everything is right at your fingertips. It makes the meeting easy and follow up quick and simple. Third, the way the session is structured I had plenty of time to visit with some of the buyers who may have had a question or two that I could not answer at the time of our meeting. Finally, the post-convention support you provide is amazing. Everything that transpired during my meetings was captured and as a result it will translate into orders and wonderful opportunities for our growing company. Again my compliments for creating and conducting a fabulous convention. I look forward to the ECRM every year. I know that it’s not easy to coordinate such a program, however, all your people are so sophisticated they make it look easy. It saved me considerable time that would be spent traveling the entire country and many dollars to accomplish the same task. Thank you for your efforts on our behalf."
Steve Bruner
Candy Dynamics