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Tuesday, January 25, 2022
The Impact of Wellness on Impulse Product Sales (NielsenIQ)
60 minutes
Wellness was THE single most powerful consumer force of 2021. As consumers became more deliberate with choices and as in-store shopping trips changed, the entire store, especially impulse categories were affected. Sherry will share a look at how the total wellness landscape has changed, what to anticipate for the future and how impulse categories can play a role in the new view.

Sherry Frey has more than two decades of industry experience and is a recognized thought leader on health/wellness shopping and consumption trends. With a background in marketing, market research, innovation and consulting with clients across many industries, Sherry shares visionary foresights combined with practical strategies. Sherry's view of health and wellness is beyond our own personal health and wellness and includes how we collectively think of the health of the planet. 
Sherry Frey