"It was my first time experiencing an ECRM virtual show. I was impressed with the technical support throughout the whole process, and the comfort of fitting it in to my work schedule."
Jon Calligandes, Associated Grocers of New England
"I had very productive meetings and was able to meet some new manufacturers I was unaware of, and some that had really innovative products that I think will work well for us. I wouldn’t have found these without participating in the ECRM program this week. I will definitely be back and look forward to it."
Tara Anderson
Holiday Stationstores, Inc.
"This was my first ECRM experience, in-person or virtual and it was great! Super informative. I came into this with an open mind looking for fast and easy solutions that would help our department adapt to the many changes due to the pandemic. I found some great opportunities that I’ll be following up with right away."
Rochelle Drexler
Aspirus Wausau Hospital
"These are pioneering times in the industry we all play in. Your company’s role is setting new standards and it’s great to be both a participant and a partner in it’s development."
Jonas Rempel
Giant Tiger Stores Ltd.
"This was my first experience at ECRM. Their team was very accommodating, organized and responsive throughout the entire process. The program offered a networking opportunity that I feel like I missed out on over the last year. You are able to engage with new suppliers in a very timely and efficient manner. I look forward to attending again!"
Chris Pilger
Blue Apron
"This event turned out to be better than I expected. The pace is fast, however the limited time forces focused conversations. I found some interesting items that I’m excited to explore further."
Brian Scantland
Thorntons Inc.
"Unique Energy has participated in ECRM two years in a row now due to a very high rate of closing new chain relationships. The format provides the perfect setting for a new company like mine to tell our story! Though I don’t want my competition to know, it comes highly recommended from me."
Chris Cook
Unique Energy Drink
"The ECRM Impulse, Checklane & Front-End and Convenience events in Las Vegas were the perfect means to roll out our new licensed product. The pre-set schedule of one-on-one meetings enabled me to meet so many buyers that are not companies we normally deal with. So, it was definitely worth the investment. Also, the Connect software on the ECRM-issued iPad is a great tool to help support activity at the event and follow up. Connect is a gem."
Jonathan Johannessen
Amav Enterprises Ltd.
"ECRM events are a great way to network and find new ways or ideas to create value propositions for your business. The ECRM team takes care of all your travel and accommodation details- making it easy to participate without having to coordinate arrangements. Just gaining one or two contacts or leads makes the whole event worthwhile."
Mike Fox
Pilot Flying J
"This was my first experience at an ECRM show. I originally signed up for the ECRM Electronics Retail Summit, and when Chris Eyring called to further discuss our company and products, he recommended that I consider attending the Impulse/Front End/Checklane and Convenience Events. I took his advice and registered…without exception, this was the best experience I have ever had. I’ve attended numerous trade shows in the past, and the unfortunate truth is that you’re at your booth waiting for that perfect customer to walk by…not the case with ECRM. The meetings that were scheduled for me were with qualified buyers and distributors who wanted to see and hear about my products. The leads I secured and the contacts I made were invaluable. This show opened up opportunities that I would not have otherwise had…there is no way to have 25+ quality meetings with potential customers from all over the country and Canada IN ONE DAY! The communication and support from everyone on the ECRM team, especially my account rep Erin Krumpe, was top notch. On site, Brian Richards did a fantastic job ensuring that I had everything I needed, and that all of my appointments were there on time. If they weren’t there, he tracked them down quickly. The entire ECRM staff was extremely friendly, and willing to help in any way. I was in the Power Hall, and met some fantastic new business colleagues and friends. I learned quite a bit as well; as a first time exhibitor, I had a lot of questions, and between my booth neighbors and the ECRM staff, all were answered. I signed up for the 2016 Front End/Impulse/Checklane and Convenience events while still at the show this year, and am looking forward to another successful event. I highly recommend ECRM events; they are a very valuable investment in the success of your company."
Jim Hess
"If you are looking for national partners, innovative new strategies or maybe just wish to consider expanding your retail offerings, ECRM will give you the result you’re looking for. Their events are packed with specific, pre-coordinated meetings that will allow buyers the maximum amount of viable contacts in the least amount of time. And, ECRM does all the work for you by screening your specific needs to allow you make decisions on products that will directly impact your business. We walked into ECRM with a hope for an expanded wine program and consistent assortment and walked out with a national partnership and universal distribution that will triple our number of wine locations in the near future."
John Deichler
Murphy USA, Inc.
"This event has always been a great way for my co-worker and I to see what’s hot, what the new trends are, and being able to connect with potential new vendors & products. We appreciate these events and find them very efficient in planning our specials and promotions for several months in advance."
Jody Sandberg
United Refining Company
"The Private Brand Foods ECRM event in Napa was the third ECRM event that I have attended in the past year. This was the best show of the three in that I found a lot of new applicable products that warrant further discussion and/or testing in our stores. The power of the ECRM platform is the ability to visit with a lot of suppliers that I would not normally be exposed to in the day-to-day running of my category. The fast paced approach is perfect in that you have just the right amount of time from a first impression perspective. The tools that ECRM provides leading up to the event, at the event itself, and afterwards works great in terms of maximizing your time with suppliers. The onsite ECRM staff is always there to assist in answering questions, changing schedules, and in providing an overall productive environment. I highly recommend participating in future ECRM events."
Randy Scott
"I am following up with a leading convenience chain today with six senior department heads as a result of our initial ECRM Checklane show in January. Obviously, we have had many contacts since January to get us to this live Demo PowerPoint and Financial Overview opportunity as a result of meetings initiated at ECRM. Both the Checklane and Fixturing shows were excellent for DEC Green in meeting new and large chain department directors and VP's within both of these channels. This is a particularly vital function of our attendance and would recommend attendance at future shows to anybody who needs to touch these chain retailers and wholesalers."
Paul Jason
Sunclean LLC dba DEC Green
"Thanks to you and the ECRM Team for your support throughout the recent Convenience show in Florida. The session provided a great platform for us to present some new items we are introducing to several Retailer and Distributor operators in a short period of time. The tools provided to us at the ECRM enabled us to quickly bring our Sales Team up to speed on the immediate next steps. Thanks again!"
Don Johns
CytoSport, Inc