Education & EPPS Programs
Wednesday, March 24, 2021
University Round Table (Buyer Attendees Only)
40 minutes

This round table discussion forum will give university buyers the opportunity to collaborate, network and discuss key challenges, trends and topics facing our industry today.

Please note this round table is open to University Buyer Attendees Only

Moderator: Alfredo Macias, Director - Residential Dining & Catering with California State University, Long Beach

Topic: Pivots for Success, discussion around changes implemented in the last 10 months that have helped battle through the pandemic. What changes are here to stay and what will go away.

Thursday, March 25, 2021
TIP Session - Thought Interaction Pods
30 minutes
TIP, short for Thought Interaction Pods, will take place Thursday morning.

The session gives participants the opportunity to discuss relevant industry topics in a round table format with fellow industry professionals sitting at the table.

Ian O'Neil, Client Solutions Manager at Datassential 
Topic: Here to stay or go away? Discussion around what trends hitting restaurants are here to stay, and what will likely go away after the pandemic

Donald Burns, The Restaurant Coach™  
Topic: Winning during the pandemic: Discussion of best practices and success stories, what is working and what is not.

Marie Molde, Client Solutions at Datassential
Topic: The Post COVID-19 Consumer: Discussion around the new preferences, habits and needs people will have post covid and how to be ready for them.