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Monday, October 26, 2020
The Next Generation of CBD Products
Innovation in the CBD industry has exploded over the past year and has not slowed down due to the pandemic. The evolution of the CBD industry, along with where its headed, can be seen in the latest products with targeted branding, accurate dosages, and familiar form factors. Get a better understanding of the lifecycle of CBD products and how the 2nd generation of CBD is shifting the tone of a growing industry.

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Bethany Gomez, Managing Director
Brightfield Group
The Impact of COVID-19 On CBD Retail
The global pandemic has significantly impacted many industries around the world. CBD is not immune to the negative economic impact of COVID. There have been, however, key market and consumer shifts over the past few months which indicate strong potential for the US CBD market. Learn about these shifts and what brands and retailers can do to get ahead.

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Bethany Gomez, Managing Director
Brightfield Group
Training Your Store Associates to Sell CBD (Kristen Brooks, Healthy Not High)
CBD consultant Kristen Brooks provides some great insights on how to best engage CBD consumers in mass retail stores. Selling CBD can be a challenge at mass retail, and consumers new to the category may not always know what's best for them. In addition, retail staff has limited time and resources for the consultative-type of sale these products need.

Kristen gives some quick tips on how to quickly the information you need from shoppers to make the best product recommendation to meet their wellness objectives.

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Kristen Brooks
Healthy Not High
Road to Retail: Prepping for your Virtual Buyer Meeting
(This video is available for session participants in the Thought Leadership section of ECRM Connect and the prep site)

Bruce Montgomery and Tracey Priest each have a wealth of experience in working with CPG brands to get their products on the shelf. In their work with emerging brands, they realized that many of them faced similar challenges in engaging with retail buyers. To help these brands to better navigate the path toward success on the shelf, Bruce and Tracey developed a series of insights based on interviews with buyers from a dozen top retailers across food, drug, mass and club that outlined some key insights based on those buyers recommendations.

In this video, they discuss some key items to address when you are prepping for your upcoming buyer meetings. 

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Bruce Montgomery and Tracey Priest
Road to Retail
Tuesday, October 27, 2020
TIP Session - Thought Interaction Pods about CBD
30 minutes
TIP, short for Thought Interaction Pods, will take place Tuesday morning. 

The session gives participants the opportunity to discuss relevant industry topics in a round table format with fellow industry professionals sitting at the table. 

Moderator: Bridget Hill-Zayat, Executive Director CANMD, of Counsel, Hoban Law Group

Regulations: Discussion around the latest rules, and regulations facing the CBD Industry today.

Moderator: Nancy Trent, President, Trent & Company, Inc.

Challenges of Marketing CBD: Discussion around tips and best practices

Moderator: Claire Kaufmann, Director of Client Strategy, Brightfield Group

CBD and consumers: Discussion around which segments are growing, why, and are they here to stay?

Moderator: Kay Tamillow, Director of Research, Brightfield Group

Who is the CBD consumer: Discussion around the demographic for the convenience, food, drug and mass shopper.

Moderator: Bethany Gomez, Managing Director, Brightfield Group

CBD Industry Innovation:  Discussion around what retailers and brands are doing to push innovation.