"I can't recommend doing an ECRM On-Premise Program enough! This has been our 2nd time attending one of these, and we've always been so impressed with how everything is set up and how incredible the appointments go! The staff is so helpful and has each company's success as their #1 focus. The meetings are always so great, and the entire setup of the event is catered to allow buyers and sellers to network and market with one another. We wouldn't have ever had the opportunity to meet and share our products with so many incredible companies if it wasn't for these events! Thanks again for allowing us to attend - we look forward to next year!"
Hanna Mathis Bridge, Vibe, LLC
"We love ECRM. We’re always looking for new ideas and new, upcoming companies that have a new product that might be the next hot thing on the market. We’re looking for partners and partnerships. We love looking for LTO items, and that’s what we get a lot of from ECRM. We’ve found 5, 6, 7 items in the past couple years from ECRM."
Victor Belocio
TopGolf International, Inc.
"Overall I was impressed. The ECRM staff made it easy. I didn’t have to think too hard about where to go next, because they were always one step ahead, guiding me to my next appointment. I saw some really exciting products that I can potentially use in the near future. In addition, I felt welcomed and at home from the moment I checked in, even though it was my first time attending."
Frank Lewis
AMC Entertainment Inc.
"ECRM had a very good list of accounts & companies lined up. The value in attending is the ability to taste accounts on our products and meet accounts that we have not previously met with. We got to have multiple meetings in one location, in a short period of time. Very good potential for business."
Mason Engstrom
Ole Smoky Distillery
"ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC EVENT! I love how it is structured, as you get to capture buyers who might otherwise be missed in a typical free for all booth event. The ECRM team is so professional and are fantastic hosts! I will be back!!"
Blair Horler
Beach Whiskey, LLC (Taliera)
"ECRM helps small suppliers get the audience and tell their story. It’s been a great investment of our time and I definitely endorse the process. I was impressed with the level of coordination and the attention to detail from the ECRM team."
Steve Lenderman
Delta Air Lines
"The format is a lot more respectful to suppliers’ time and efforts. Instead of trying to catch a retailer as they are speeding by your booth at a trade show, ECRM brings them right to you for a private, pre-scheduled meeting. It’s much less stressful. ECRM is a great way for emerging suppliers to grow their business, and I would recommend to any supplier looking to get into retail and foodservice. ECRM sets you up for success!"
Leah Caplanis
SOCIAL Sparkling Wine
"ECRM offers a place for new, emerging brands to gain exposure. It’s a great place for product discovery, and I found several items that I will be presenting to my team at our next Bar Review. In addition, the Educational Sessions added a lot of value to my time away; I only wish that some of them were longer!"
Shannon Salupo
Quaker Steak & Lube
"I like ECRM Sessions because they give me the opportunity to find great new items I might not normally see at one of the big shows."
Chad Miller
Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group
"I go into my meetings at ECRM Sessions with an open mind. Not everything is a perfect fit, but you never know what may happen down the line. I’ve attended a couple of these sessions now, and I have to say that each year, the meetings get better and better."
Dave Hatcher
Sodexo USA
"ECRM is like Shark Tank: a place where small companies can become something big. I attend because it’s the perfect forum to find innovation, and I always walk away with at least 3-4 items I can incorporate into our menus."
Mike Turner
Walk-On's Enterprises
"My company has been to ECRM before but this was my first experience and I found the event to be great, had quality meeting with buyers. The ECRM staff did a phenomenal job running the event and helping during pre-event preparation. The Connect software on the iPad was also great to support our efforts at the event"
Katie Pelowski
Fetzer Vineyards
"I attend ECRM for a few reasons and all of them are equally compelling to me: 1. I know there are like-minded people in attendance who want prompt solutions to their needs. 2. There are plenty of newer products that you do not always see on the huge show floor at food shows. 3. I receive uninterrupted one on one time with each vendor and this makes it highly productive for my time. 4. ECRM team never disappoints, they know what needs to happen and they make it happen. The team is outstanding and they make a huge impact on the success of each individual."
Charles Riley
Omni Mandalay Hotel
"Coming to these meetings gives me invaluable time with the suppliers. I rely on supplier relationship management so much, and the more I can bring the suppliers into my world in these intimate chats, the more we can build our businesses together."
Derrick Guss
Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.
"ECRM was truly a remarkable experience. It was a perfect blend of networking and one-on-one meetings. An invaluable experience overall!"
Rob Auerbach
Island Hospitality Management
"ECRM does an outstanding job at pairing up customers with potential vendors. The ECRM team is one of the best I have ever worked with. They are friendly, well-educated and they help with invaluable networking. Their hospitality, vendor networking and technology make this a must on my calendar for next time."
Steve Brooks
Tumbleweed Inc.