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Tuesday, August 18, 2020
Selling To the Ageless Wellness Shopper
8:00 AM - 8:35 AM
Health-centric brands are trending and today's “well-thy” consumer is ageless and willing to splurge on products that make them look better, feel better and live their best lives.

They want you to be what they need, when they need it, how they want it. Find out how to align your brand with the “well-luxe” trend by doing PR that gives consumer excuses to spend more.

Learn different methods and characteristics of marketing tailored for an increasingly wellness minded shopper of all ages.

In this session, attendees will learn how to:

* Understand the well-luxe market
* Profile the well-thy shopper
* Identify wellness trends
* Adapt your message for a wellness minded audience
* Tips for reaching wellness shoppers where they are

About the Speaker

Nancy Trent is a writer and speaker, a lifelong health advocate, a wellness influencer, a globe-trotting trend watcher and the founder and president of Trent & Company, the leading wellness PR firm. Trent & Company has offices in NY and LA and a client roster of lifestyle brands spanning traditional and alternative disciplines for wellness, beauty, fitness, food, the environment as well as tech and design.

Nancy is an investigative reporter turned PR guru with seven books under her belt. She continues to spot and spark trends wherever she goes. Today she is running publicity and social media campaigns for 50 different lifestyle clients for every member of the family in every room of the house.

Nancy has spoken at conferences around the U.S., as well as in Dubai, Bangkok, Vienna, Seoul, Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne. Nancy serves on the editorial boards of industry associations and magazines, and has written many how-to articles on marketing, promotion and PR that were published in all of the leading trade and business publications.

Her company gets its client’s products on celebrities, in the hands of influencers, on popular morning and day time talk shows, in national consumer lifestyle magazines as well as newspapers, online magazines and blogs and social media platforms. The firm’s national publicity and social media campaigns take messages viral and spiral, maximize awareness, enhance credibility and raise recognition.
Nancy Trent, Founder & President
Trent & Company Marketing Communications
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