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Tuesday, July 28, 2020
Marketing for 2020 & Beyond: Winning the Fight for Consumer Attention
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Do you know where your audience is spending time? Does your marketing approach reflect that? For many companies, they're overspending on media that isn't producing the same returns as 10 years ago. During this session, Mark Evans, Executive Director of The Sasha Group (a VaynerX Company) will explore what it looks like to leverage contemporary digital media for brands. His practical insights and tools will provide you with the right steps to evolve your company's digital marketing.

About Mark Evans
Mark is an Executive Director at The Sasha Group where he leads the NYC office. Before taking this role, he led the creation of the consulting business for The Sasha Group. He has spent over five years working within the VaynerX holding company.

Prior to the VaynerX family, he's worked at some of the leading advertising agencies in the world, including Mindshare, Havas, Tribal DDB and Ogilvy. During this time, he focused on blazing new digital marketing trails for Fortune 500 companies. He has vast expertise across multiple verticals within B2C and B2B, and his teams have won awards at the highest level including Cannes, Effies, Webby Awards, OMMA, and NYF.
Mark Evans, Executive Director
The Sasha Group (a VaynerX Company)
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