"I have been attending the ECRM branded pharmacy event for several years. It is a great way to start the year, get feedback from our customers, develop opportunities for the coming year, and update customers on what is going on at Eisai. These meetings have always been well organized, well attended, and timely. The individuals I have dealt with at ECRM are dependable, professional, and friendly. I would highly recommend this meeting to anyone who is customer focused in the pharmaceutical industry."
Sean Spears, Eisai Inc.
"The ECRM meetings are very intense and busy. The opportunity to be able to meet and talk with such a large group of high profile Brand Pharmacy manufacturer is irreplaceable. I have been attending the Brand Pharmacy ECRM meeting for the past 10 years and have found these meeting to be very valuable to our retail business. By attending these meetings, Price Chopper learns about new product launches and programs that each of the manufacturers have to offer to assist in providing patient care. It also provides us with the time to review sales numbers with the manufacturers and to discuss potential new opportunities for our retail business. Manufacturers also provide retailers with current and new updated information about products and services which we at Price Chopper can provide to our retail stores to keep our staff as current as possible on the latest information. Attending these meetings also allows Price Chopper to meet and discuss issues with other retailers – the networking opportunities are endless! The format used by ECRM, 20 minutes with each company, is an excellent format and helps make the process flow efficiently. The App that ECRM provides for the meeting is the best meeting app I have used thus far. It gives me the option to enter notes and questions in prior to meeting with a specific manufacturer so that when my meeting time is upon me, I have everything right in front of me allowing me to be fully prepared to make the best use of my appointment time. Being able to type my notes into the app and then being able to download them into an excel file, allows me to provide follow up with my other associates very easily. ECRM is a great venue."
Mark Laurin
Price Chopper Supermarkets/Market 32
"ECRM helps provide a stepping stone in utilizing time and meeting with many of our key customers. This meeting is very highly productive and I strongly recommend attending an ECRM show for anyone considering it."
Michael LaMotta
Novo Nordisk, Inc.
"This was our first time attending. We used the technology ECRM provided and the experience was great, loved the event"
Nick Harsh
MedImmune, Inc.
"I wanted thank the ECRM group for yet another great meeting. As a direct result of the ECRM EPPS events, I have been able to more than double my revenues. The one-of-a-kind ECRM show format has served as a definitive tool for rapid business development for EMED."
Eric Bailey
EMED Medical Company