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Monday, November 4, 2019
CBD Market Overview: Pet Products/Food & Beverage
60 minutes
As applications are brought to market across diverse retail channels and product categories, BDS Analytics’ predicts U.S. sales of cannabis and hemp-derived CBD products to surge from $1.9 billion to $20 billion by 2024; a compound annual growth rate of 49%.  BDS Analytics’ President and co-founder Liz Stahura will walk you through an overview of the CBD market today and predictions for where the market is headed, including:

• How cannabis/hemp is and will continue to impact EVERY consumer industry, especially as hemp-derived CBD and other cannabinoids take off
• Key insights into the legal cannabinoid marketplace, diving into factors driving its rapid evolution — including the status of the market today, where it is headed and what that means for your business
• Consumer behavior – who is consuming, what are they consuming, why are they consuming and what replacements/substitutions are they making?
• BDS Analytics’ tracking and projected sizing of the cannabinoid market out to 2024 — how the market breaks down by CBD and THC, by category and by channel
• Deep Dive into Pet Products category: market size, channel review, winning product trends and more
• Deep Dive into Food & Beverage category: market size, channel review, winning product trends, threats and opportunities for current market and more!

About BDS Analytics

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, BDS Analytics provides businesses with smart, actionable and accurate market intelligence and consumer research for the global cannabinoid industry.  The company provides a holistic understanding of the cannabis, hemp and CBD market through insights distilled from dispensary point-of-sale systems. Its market-leading GreenEdge™ Platform produces comprehensive consumer research, generates global financial projections and analyses led by BDS Analytics’ industry-leading team of thought leaders.

About Liz Stahura

Liz is Co-Founder and President of BDS Analytics. She founded BDS Analytics with partner Roy Bingham after recognizing that the nascent industry lacked the kind of sophisticated, sales-based data that is both commonplace and essential in other, more established industries. BDS Analytics is now active across the U.S. and globally - working with the top brands, retailers and organizations interested in the cannabis, hemp and CBD industry.  Prior to starting BDS Analytics, Liz spent her career working for some of the leading names in retail sales tracking, consumer insights and market research. She is a widely recognized authority in retail sales analysis, consumer insights and strategic consulting.
Elizabeth Stahura, Co-Founder
BDS Analytics
Thought Interaction Pod Roundtable Discussions: Pet CBD/Food & Beverage CBD
60 minutes
Thought Interaction Pods are a series of concurrent round tables, with each table dedicated to a specific CBD-related industry issue, with a session participant serving as moderator of each table.

There will be two 30-minute rounds of discussions, enabling participants to engage in discussions on two different topics during the program.

Table Topics & Moderators:

Table 1 Moderator: Sarah Groves, Category Manager, Southeastern Grocers
Topic: Successful sourcing and vetting of CBD suppliers – how to best ensure quality, consistency and safety with Pet and Food/Beverage CBD products.

Table 2 Moderator: Liz Stahura, Co-Founder, BDS Analytics
Topic: CBD and consumers - which segments are hot and why?

Table 3 Moderator: Bridget Hill-Zayat, Attorney, Hoban Law Group
Topic: Legal and regulatory issues around Pet and Food/Beverage CBD products.

Table 4 Moderator: Blake Patterson, Co-Founder, MarketHub
Topic: CBD product merchandising for success at the shelf.

Table 5 Moderator:  Kristin Gorski, Director - New Business Development, Select Growth Accounts at The Nielsen Company
Topic:  Driving Traffic - What are brands and retailers doing today that truly helps drive traffic to stores?

Joseph Tarnowski, Vice President of Content
Terrell Davis, NFL Hall of Famer & Entrepreneur
30 minutes
Denver Broncos legend, NFL Hall of Famer and entrepreneur Terrell Davis was born October 28, 1972 and had a historic career from 1995 to 2001. Davis was drafted by the Broncos in the sixth round (196th pick overall) of the 1995 NFL Draft. Davis is the Denver Broncos all-time leading rusher, with 7,607rushing yards. Davis was sent to the Pro Bowl in the '96, ’97 and ’98 seasons. Nicknamed “TD,” Davis popularized the “Mile High Salute,” a military-style salute given to fans and teammates in celebration of a touchdown. On July 27, 2007, it was announced that Davis would be inducted into the Denver Broncos Ring of Fame. In 2006, Davis was inducted into the Breitbard Hall of Fame and into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2017.

Terrell Davis is an outspoken advocate for CBD, promoting its benefits to the NFL, pro sports, athletics and daily life. He is co-founder of DEFY—the first CBD-based performance drink launched in 2019.
Terrell Davis, Co-Founder
Tuesday, November 5, 2019
Navigating the Legal & Regulatory Landscape for Pet, Food & Beverage CBD Products
50 minutes
The 2018 Farm Bill, passed in February of 2019, revived the long dormant U.S. hemp industry. States and investors are poised to take advantage of the newly legal commodity with robust economic potential. There are, however, roadblocks on the horizon. Regulators and state agriculture departments lack the industry understanding to govern licensees and vendors. Market participants are left wondering which products are legal to sell and which pose compliance problems.

Bridget Hill-Zayat, an attorney at Hoban Law Group and Cannabis Policy professor at Stockton University in New Jersey, will cover a variety of key areas of importance to CBD retailers and suppliers, including:

• Is all cbd the same?
• What is the regulatory environment as it currently stands as of November 2019?
• How exactly did the 2018 Farm Bill make hemp federally legal?
• How do the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bills impact states and how they regulate hemp?
• Which federal agencies are regulating hemp and why?
• CBD in the Food/Beverage categories and how it differs from cosmetics
• Insurance
• Investment
• Which agencies are not regulating hemp and why?
• How are the states fostering the hemp and cbd markets?
     o Pennsylvania, California, Texas, Florida & New York
• How do foreign markets interplay with US federal and state markets?
     o Canada, China & Columbia

About Bridget Hill-Zayat

Bridget Hill-Zayat is an attorney at Hoban Law Group, licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland. She is also a Cannabis Policy professor at Stockton University in New Jersey. Her practice focuses on regulated commodities with a particular focus on the energy and cannabis industries. Specifically, she takes cannabis companies from cradle to grave, starting from incorporation and license applications to compliance practices through to sale. She advises successful applicants on how to improve their energy efficiency, apply for state efficiency programs, liaises with regulators and handles the ongoing compliance issues relevant to a cannabis business.

Ms. Hill-Zayat was selected to participate in Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach's regulatory conference convened to develop standards and methods for cannabis in Pennsylvania. Bridget participated in the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission’s industry and government working group onedibles and regularly testifies for states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania on the development of legal cannabis markets. Her speaking engagements include: Marijuana Business Daily, the National Cannabis Bar Association, Accelerate Cannabis, Cann Gather and Women Grow.
Bridget Hill-Zayat
Hoban Law Group
Brand-Building & Micro-Influencer Marketing for CBD Sales Success
60 minutes
For this session we have experts from two companies that are focused on building brands and extending the marketing reach of brands. Little Big Brands ad Ocean Bridge Media will team up in back-to-back presentations that will deliver actionable insights for driving success for CBD suppliers and retailers.

First, Meg Asaro and Richard Palmer from Little Big Brands will explore and illustrate how brands can unlock their ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ through agility, differentiation and purpose. CBD is a wild west category, which demands new rules to win in this new game. Why compete in an existing market space when you can create uncontested market space? Why exploit existing demand when you can create and capture new demand?

Through the power of design, the importance of consumer research and the backbone of strategy, we will illustrate the value of breaking through with emotional connection, cultural relevancy and education. It is time brands choose to forge a new path, instead of being fast followers. After all, consumers want and remember brands that are proactive and have a distinct point of view. Let us show you how.

Immediately following this presentation, Ocean Bridge Media's Geoff Gould will discuss the power of influencer marketing. Ocean Bridge Media is a full service agency responsible for over $1.2 billion in CPG sales with an average 4 to 1 ROI. OBM takes the guesswork out of where the sales response comes from and hits on the greatest strengths in consumer marketing to give you the immediate returns required to grow in equity and positioning.

Geoff will discuss how to budget properly, carving out marketing dollars from traditional media to place into influencers for “assumed” word of mouth that generates awareness and positive purchase intent. He'll provide case studies from some of the country’s top influencers and take a look behind the scenes of a proprietary analytics platform that monitors each consumer engagement.


Meg Asaro, Director/Strategy, Little Big Brands
Meg comes to LBB with 20 years of experience building brands whether that is innovating platforms for growth, researching human behavior or creating future-facing strategic pathways. As a Brand Strategist who has bridged the gap between strategy and design, Meg believes the best strategies are felt, not read. To reach that end, she leans into brand purpose and cultural foresight to carve out relevant, differentiated, authentic and unique brand spaces. She earned her stripes running a boutique strategy department, developing a visual strategy practice and sharpening her acumen tracking cultural shifts in real time. Once featured in Fast Company, she speaks about branding and trends at industry events around the world.

Meg’s undying curiosity about human behavior and motivation has driven her to be a stand-up comedian, bootcamp instructor and voice-over professional. Hey, you only live once.

Richard Palmer, Creative Director, Little Big Brands
Richard leads the creative department at Little Big Brands, focusing on creating strategically inspired design, in addition to growing the firm’s design offerings and building a talented in-house studio.

Richard was born and raised in England where he began his design career at Smith & Milton and Siebert Head, soon after moving to New York where he honed his skills while quickly rising through the ranks of agencies such as Landor, Sterling Brands, Clark McDowall and Anthem.

His design approach is reflective of the symbiotic relationship between design and the consumer, with the goal of tapping into unmet consumer needs and truths. He’s also a propitiate of client collaboration throughout the design process and believes a brand owner’s knowledge and insights are essential to ultimate success.

Richard’s work reads like a who’s who of the CPG world, including P&G, Unilever, Mars USA, MarsPet, Stella & Chewy’s, FreshPet, Kraft, ConAgra, Campbell's, Pepperidge Farm, Kellogg’s, Heinz, SCJohnson, GSK, Pfizer, Novartis, J&J, Bayer, Merck, Henkel, Revlon, Colgate Palmolive, Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Pernod Ricard, Anheuser-Busch, Georgia-Pacific, Supervalu and CVS.

Richard lives in a woodsy oasis in Connecticut with his wife (a designer in her own rite!), creatively minded daughter and rambunctious twin boys. Life is good!

Geoff Gould, Ocean Bridge Media
With almost 10 years digital marketing experience, Geoff brings a fresh, new approach to continuous consumer acquisition via social media influencers, both macro and micro. Never has there been a more important time to maximize word-of-mouth advertising and through a vast influencer network built over the past several years, Ocean Bridge Media has been able to develop and implement successful purchasing strategies across the entire consumer spectrum to include Health & Beauty, Wellness, Parenting and Lifestyle.
Multiple Speakers
Multiple Companies
ECRM/MMR Buyers Choice Awards Pet CBD
15 minutes
Join us for the ECRM/MMR Buyers Choice Awards Pet CBD.  Suppliers will submit their product offering and attending buyers will cast their vote for their favorite product!  First place and second winners will be recognized during cocktails on November 5th.

To learn more about how you can participate, please contact your ECRM Account Manager.