"I have been attending the ECRM branded pharmacy event for several years. It is a great way to start the year, get feedback from our customers, develop opportunities for the coming year, and update customers on what is going on at Eisai. These meetings have always been well organized, well attended, and timely. The individuals I have dealt with at ECRM are dependable, professional, and friendly. I would highly recommend this meeting to anyone who is customer focused in the pharmaceutical industry."
Sean Spears, Eisai Inc.
David Simnick
Brian Flach
Azur Global Nutrition, LLC
"The show might seem costly, but it saves us a great deal of money and time. If I had conducted these meetings on an individual basis it would have cost us ten times the amount spent. We meet with decision makers and the most knowledgeable people in the industry. Each time we attend an ECRM conference we gain more knowledge and become partners with our customers. We have come to rely on ECRM as our partner for instituting new ideas and concepts. The whole experience is wonderful. From the beautiful accommodations to the world class food. Our success and growth is directly tied to ECRM."
Russ Bongiorno
Fuji Batteries
"We thoroughly enjoyed meeting with prospective suppliers all under one roof. This reduces time and costs for everyone involved. The ECRM organizers did a wonderful job of planning and executing the EPPS session."
Jason Mascaritolo
Kao Brands Company
"I found the ECRM event extremely beneficial. It came at a time that our company is expanding our business into some new markets that we have very little experience with. Engaging with the supplier companies actually helped tremendously with my vision for growing next year and the years to follow and after explaining (quickly) to each company what I needed, I could see the excitement build for them as well to be part of that growth. Each meeting set up for me was useful in one way or another even if it does not result in a purchase. I could always scan through Alibaba or other online resources for contract manufacturing and have done so in the past. Usually it’s a crap shoot that doesn’t go anywhere. Having the structure set to meet quality suppliers over the course of 3 days definitely makes it easier on me as a purchaser. I discovered products I hadn’t thought about adding to our line that I am absolutely considering now and as the follow up from the show begins, I couldn’t be more happy to get things going."
Mac McCloskey
HeadBlade, Inc
"ECRM’s Contract Manufacturing and Packaging program was a great experience! We have done a lot of tradeshows, and this is much more efficient than anything we’ve previously done. The quality of vendors is excellent. Having been on other side of the table, we know what it takes to interest people and these meetings have been an exceptional use of our limited time out of the office. ECRM is fantastic."
Andre Beauregard
Canus Vermont LLC