Appointments are constructed based on categories and capabilities to ensure the most efficient appointment list is created for buyers and suppliers.
Company Name Attendee Title Beauty (30) Hemp/ CBD (29) Personal Care (40)
101 Commerce
101 Commerce
Aspire Brands LLC Supply Chain Manager
Aspire Brands LLC Technical Services Manager
Beekman 1802
Beekman 1802
Bio Creative Labs
Bio Creative Labs
BLAZE Skincare
Cuticura Labs, Corp.
Cuticura Labs, Corp. Chairman & President
Damiva Inc. SCM Manager
DermaNew Founder/CEO
DSE Healthcare Solutions, LLC VP, Operations
Ebin New York Marketing
Ebin New York CEO
Ebin New York Vice President
EOS Products LLC
EOS Products LLC EVP- Operations
Essential Oxygen
European Solutions CEO
Every Man Jack
Flex Beauty Labs, LLC President
Genomma Lab USA, Inc Purchasing Manager
Genomma Lab USA, Inc Supply Chain Manager
GMC Consulting CEO
GMC Consulting VP Marketing
H2Ocean, Inc. CEO
H2Ocean, Inc. Supply Chain Manager
Hand in Hand Soap, LLC Operations Manager
Heat Makes Sense Inc. dba Eva NYC
Heat Makes Sense Inc. dba Eva NYC
Hello Products LLC Director New Product Development
Hello Products LLC
My Magic Mud Senior Director - Brand Management
National Retail Solutions
National Retail Solutions
New World Natural Brands Sr. Buyer
NOADIAM USA LLC (Emerson Healthcare)
Oral Fitness Inc. dba Dale Audrey
Oral Fitness Inc. dba Dale Audrey
Oz Naturals
Oz Naturals
Pacific Pharmaceuticals U.S.A, Inc. President
Pacific Pharmaceuticals U.S.A, Inc. Chief Operating Officer
Parfumologie VP, Product Development
PDC Beauty & Wellness Co. VP Package Development
PDC Beauty & Wellness Co. Director, Innovation and Development
Personal Brands/Peter Coppola
Personal Brands/Peter Coppola Managing Partner
Piggy Paint Founder
Piggy Paint President
Posner Cosmetics President
PREP Your Skin LLC Founder
PREP Your Skin LLC Chaos Director
PREP Your Skin LLC Operations & Compliance Officer
Public Goods COO
Public Goods Product Development Manager
Senzacare CEO
Shira Esthetics, Inc.
SKIN&CO Roma Business Development Manager
SKIN&CO Roma Product Manager
SoapBox Soaps
Sue Ismiel & Daughters Director of Marketing & NPD
Sundari LLC Co-CEO
Sundari LLC Co-CEO
Trendsformers LLC CEO
Trendsformers LLC
UI Global Brands CFO
UI Global Brands CEO
Vermont's Original, LLC CEO
Wander Beauty LLC
Wander Beauty LLC
WooBamboo COO
WooBamboo Creative Director
WR Group Product Manager
WR Group Product Manager
Zarbees, Inc. Director of Supply Chain
Zarbees, Inc. Director of R & D