Education & EPPS Programs
Monday, August 19, 2019
TIP Session - Thought Interaction Pods
60 minutes
TIP, short for Thought Interaction Pods, will take place Monday afternoon.

The session gives participants the opportunity to discuss relevant industry topics in a round table format with fellow industry professionals sitting at the table.

Table 1: Wayne Bennett, Senior Vice President of Retail at ECRM
Topic: Sustainability & Recycling: As we see more and more retailers taking a stance on sustainability, what changes are still to come? (packaging, partnerships, options, pricing, etc.)

Table 2: Robert Porod, Executive Vice President at IRI Worldwide
Topic: CBD/Hemp: As CBD sales start to hit grocery stores, what are the effects and how can buyers and sellers capitalize on this new market?

Table 3: Susan Knight, Retail Director at ECRM
Topic: Driving Traffic: Discussion around what brands and retailers are doing today that truly helps drive traffic to stores that are competing in an omni world?

Table 4: Adriana Sánchez, Business Development Manager at Fair Trade USA
Topic: Trends: Changing demands, flavors and offerings, what will the perimeter of the store bring by 2029

Table 5: Edricco Reina, Principal - Financial Partners at SPINS LLC
Topic: The New Mainstream: Now that natural and organic products are the new “mainstream” being offered in every area of the store, whats next?
Multiple Speakers
Multiple Companies
State of the Natural Products Industry
35 minutes
SPINS’ Edricco Reina will provide an overview of the State of the Natural Products Industry, using SPINS proprietary data and product attribution to illuminate the consumer trends driving disruption in Food & Beverage, as well as calling attention to the innovation that is catering to these emerging trends, and winning with consumers.

About SPINS: SPINS® is awellness-focused data technology company, providing retailers and brands with actionable performance insights, trend forecasting and customer activation solutions to accelerate growth and deepen shopper loyalty.
Edricco Reina, Principal - Financial Partners