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Monday, August 19, 2019
TIP Session - Thought Interaction Pods
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

TIP, short for Thought Interaction Pods, will take place Monday afternoon.

The session gives participants the opportunity to discuss relevant industry topics in a round table format with fellow industry professionals sitting at the table.

Table 1:  Wayne Bennett, Senior Vice President of Retail at ECRM
Topic:  Sustainability & Recycling: As we see more and more retailers taking a stance on sustainability, what changes are still to come? (packaging, partnerships, options, pricing, etc.)

Table 2:  Robert Porod, Executive Vice President at IRI Worldwide
Topic:  CBD/Hemp: As CBD sales start to hit grocery stores, what are the effects and how can buyers and sellers capitalize on this new market?

Table 3:  Susan Knight, Retail Director at ECRM
Topic:  Driving Traffic: Discussion around what brands and retailers are doing today that truly helps drive traffic to stores that are competing in an omni world?

Table 4:  Adriana Sánchez, Business Development Manager at Fair Trade USA
Topic:  Trends: Changing demands, flavors and offerings, what will the perimeter of the store bring by 2029

Table 5:  Edricco Reina, Principal - Financial Partners at SPINS LLC
Topic:  The New Mainstream: Now that natural and organic products are the new “mainstream” being offered in every area of the store, whats next?

Multiple Speakers
Multiple Companies
State of the Natural Products Industry
5:35 PM - 6:10 PM
SPINS’ Edricco Reina will provide an overview of the State of the Natural Products Industry, using SPINS proprietary data and product attribution to illuminate the consumer trends driving disruption in Food & Beverage, as well as calling attention to the innovation that is catering to these emerging trends, and winning with consumers.

About SPINS: SPINS® is awellness-focused data technology company, providing retailers and brands with actionable performance insights, trend forecasting and customer activation solutions to accelerate growth and deepen shopper loyalty.
Edricco Reina, Principal - Financial Partners