"Follow up has been key and because of this event we are now on track to have our product in another 10,000 pharmacies in the next six-to-twelve months. We are excited to have already placed product in Miller Drug Pharmacies with Brookshire Grocery Company on the cusps. The excitement we felt for weeks after the event still drives our sales office today."
Skylar Schone, ENDEVR, Inc.
Sue Chen
Nova Medical Products
Crist Blassaras
Drug and Device Register, LLC
"In a business world where we spend thousands of dollars in travel expenses so we can present to just one buyer or attend 20+ expos where we hope the right buyer will stop at our booth; ECRM has flipped Incrediwear’s expo world right side up! Not only did my team meet with one buyer, in a private one-on-one setting, but we met with 53 other buying groups! All of the buyers were handpicked target chains, DMEs, distributors and catalogs. There were no wasted appointments with buyers that were not interested! ECRM is the complete package! We ate breakfast and lunch with the buyers, exercised with the buyers and even had a spectacular dinner and drinks with the buyers. The event setting lets suppliers and buyers come together in a relaxed environment without pressure so that we could simply connect with one another! It’s only been two months post ECRM and we have potentially 1000 new stores interested in our products with more to come. Thanks again ECRM crew! This is absolutely the best bang for our buck and we attend over 24 expos per year!"
Jackson Corley