"ECRM sessions are perfect for us because in the same place we can meet our current partners to check-in as well as connect with new potential accounts. Not only do the meetings offer insight, but the sessions are a great place for us to learn more about what’s trending and what’s coming up in the market. We learn a lot from our session attendances because we can survey our buyers all in one place, as well as learn from our peers."
David Slagle, Designer Protein, LLC
"I was looking to drive business in alternative channels outside of independent pet stores using our multi-brand strategy. All of my expectations were met or exceeded. I expected for the meetings to be the right length for a quick elevator pitch on our company and products with some time to see if we could meet the needs of the prospective customers. The setting, the people, the process, the venue, the customers were all outstanding. All buyers at the session were legitimately interested and exploring new lines incorporate into their assortment line ups. No telling how long it would have taken to set up and attend that many meetings if I did it on my own."
Joe Wallington
Jones Naturals, LLC
"We're very happy with the success of this session. Approximately 80 percent to 85 percent of the meetings were valuable leads to grow our business. It's definitely necessary to use these types of sessions to broaden the relationships and express our products in a way that differentiates us from the other hundred Mexican-style salsas on the market -- face to face meetings help us to accomplish that."
Griffin Hussong
Imperio Salsa LLC
"The format is a lot more respectful to suppliers’ time and efforts. Instead of trying to catch a retailer as they are speeding by your booth at a trade show, ECRM brings them right to you for a private, pre-scheduled meeting. It’s much less stressful. ECRM is a great way for emerging suppliers to grow their business, and I would recommend to any supplier looking to get into retail and foodservice. ECRM sets you up for success!"
Leah Caplanis
SOCIAL Sparkling Wine
"We use ECRM as an opportunity to meet with as many retailers as possible to ensure our fine products are made available to customers at retailers across all classes of trade in the U.S. Covering both everyday and Seasonal business. It is a great forum for planning with our business partners and customers."
Paul Minger
Haribo Of America Inc
"It is amazing what can be accomplished in 10 or 20 minutes at ECRM. Last year just one meeting resulted in $60,000 in new sales and this year that same deal will net over $250,000. 2014 was no different. ECRM delivered prime prospect after prospect in addition to ongoing customers. Several of these prospect meetings hit a bulls eye that will realize new sales growth in 2014 well into 2015. The system works. With the embellishment of networking breakfasts, lunches and dinner/entertainment the opportunities are amazing. Sign us up for 2015!"
Kevin Casey
Essential Learning Products
"After doing traditional tradeshows for 20 years, I just attended my 2nd ECRM show. And I am still amazed with the customer service we receive from the staff of ECRM Traditional trade shows take your money, you show up at the sight and you are on your own till you leave. With ECRM, they are in constant contact with you from the beginning, they start with making sure you have everything you need, reminders on to do dates, webinars in case you need a refresher course, fabulous website where you can find anything you are looking for, including last years notes with the customers, notes from the customers to us, telling us what they are looking for, and a complete history of the customer. The best part is the advance update on the customers we will be meeting with, this is a tremendous help, and you know who you will be meeting with prior to the event. This allows time to research their website and really get a feeling for the customer’s wants and needs. Once at the show, ECRM staff is everywhere, always available to help with any questions, and you get one staff member assigned to your area, and this is a Godsend, no matter what you need they are always there to help. We ran out of packing tape and had the wrong shipping labels to ship our booth back, and our ECRM staff member (Margaret) got us extra packing tape, and printed up all new labels for us. We were thinking of doing other Educational tradeshows, but have decided to only do the ECRM show going forward."
Lorraine Joyal
National Design Corporation
"What an amazing conference! Very impressed with the staff, the technology, the quality of attendees and the whole experience! I would return in a heartbeat! You have your fingers on the pulse buyers and sellers and deliver quality experience! Teresa was terrific! We felt there was a go to person that took care of us from start to finish!"
Julia Rhodes
Kleenslate Concepts LP
"ECRM is one of the most productive events I have ever participated in. Whether establishing new relationships or exploring growth with well-established business partners, the brisk format keeps me focused on what's most important. The event works because every detail has been considered; from travel planning and logistics, to tools for meeting preparation, tracking and follow up. The staff is there at every turn, offering solutions with a smile, so my effort can be dedicated to business development."
Rhonda Hutchison
"We choose to attend ECRM because of the scheduled meetings and they have helped to expand our market. ECRM has helped by opening our market to get to new customers. We find the value of meeting with new companies who are not familiar with us. ECRM provides us with the ability to sit face to face with our buyers."
Michael Bertolone
Bazic Products
"At ECRM we were able to discuss expanded promotional opportunities with our existing retailers while generating interest from new retailers. It is an efficient use of time and there is less emphasis on having an elaborate booth and more emphasis on what really matters- our product. There is guaranteed traffic to our space and fun activities to ensure lots of productive networking. ECRM is a good organization and most importantly, lots of friendly/ helpful staff. We never had to wait to get an answer or have any need met. Amazing!"
Richard Caudle
Rock 'N Learn, Inc.
"ECRM’s preparation and support are unparalleled. We choose to attend the Educational Supplies event as a doorway to enter the Educational Supplies channel. There has been an outstanding value for the expenditure. Our connections to the dealer, wholesaler, and catalogs were paramount."
Jim Crowley
Falcon Safety Products
"With ECRM providing a one-on-one meeting structure and being able to sit down and have face to face conversations with my dealers and potential dealers there is a BIG value in attending. It has been very productive to have that personal contact."
John Drinnon
Manta-Ray, Inc.
"We decided to attend the Educational Supplies event to secure more face time with clients, and this format has provided a good concentrated opportunity. The one-on-one meeting guarantee along with the efficiency of the meeting format and ECRM handling all of the details was perfect!"
Brian Vaillancourt
Whitney Brothers
"ECRM’s Educational Supplies event was the most cost effective, time efficient, informative show that we have been to in our industry in the last 14 years."
Diane Shaw, John Foo
Education Station - Canada
"The ECRM Educational Supplies EPPS event is just great; it is a wonderful idea. There are a lot of companies that we met with at the event that we never would have known about or done business with if we hadn’t come. The dinners and social events after the meetings were also a great way to network with other store owners and exchange ideas."
Ed Vogel, Diane Vogel
GA School Supply Co
"The format, schedules and accommodations at the Educational Supplies EPPS event were wonderful. As a result of our category specific schedule, we met with some companies that we never would have talked to at another show. We will now look to do business with some of these new companies. This show is an efficient way to find unique product and vendors to add to our assortment. This event works well for us and we will definitely be returning."
John MacGregor
The Education Station, Inc.