Contract Manufacturing / Packaging / Logistics for Pharmaceuticals, OTCs & Nutritionals EPPS
July 18, 2018 - July 20, 2018

Held at the Hilton Chicago in Chicago, Illinois

The Contract Manufacturing / Packaging / Logistics for Pharmaceuticals & Nutritionals EPPS provides 3rd party Contract Manufacturers, Primary Packagers and Secondary Packagers, & 3PLs with a meeting forum to discuss new business, new technologies and capabilities with Large/Mid-size Pharma and Consumer Health organizations as well as many Virtual companies looking for assistance in bringing products to commercialization. Targeted buyers are Supply Chain and Sourcing executives.

Pharmaceuticals - Both Rx & OTC Product Capabilities   |  Nutritionals - Vitamin/Diet/Supplement Product Capabilities

Contract Manufacturing Services

Contract Development Services

Contract Packaging – Primary Packaging

Contract Packaging – Secondary Packaging:

Cartoning, Labeling, Printing, Inserts, or any Componentry

3PL Services:

Supply Chain Technology, Warehousing, Assembly, Fulfillment, Etc.

Registration is now closed for this EPPS. Please join us for next year's session.

Michael Castillo Senior Vice President

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