"ECRM sessions are perfect for us because in the same place we can meet our current partners to check-in as well as connect with new potential accounts. Not only do the meetings offer insight, but the sessions are a great place for us to learn more about what’s trending and what’s coming up in the market. We learn a lot from our session attendances because we can survey our buyers all in one place, as well as learn from our peers."
David Slagle, Designer Protein, LLC
"We're very happy with the success of this session. Approximately 80 percent to 85 percent of the meetings were valuable leads to grow our business. It's definitely necessary to use these types of sessions to broaden the relationships and express our products in a way that differentiates us from the other hundred Mexican-style salsas on the market -- face to face meetings help us to accomplish that."
Griffin Hussong
Imperio Salsa LLC
"The format is a lot more respectful to suppliers’ time and efforts. Instead of trying to catch a retailer as they are speeding by your booth at a trade show, ECRM brings them right to you for a private, pre-scheduled meeting. It’s much less stressful. ECRM is a great way for emerging suppliers to grow their business, and I would recommend to any supplier looking to get into retail and foodservice. ECRM sets you up for success!"
Leah Caplanis
SOCIAL Sparkling Wine
"I have been attending ECRM events for the past 4 years and find the event format and timing to meet our needs for efficient planning of annual promotions, as well as seasonal display opportunities. This is a great venue for meeting new suppliers, seeing innovation, and spending a short amount of time while accomplishing a great deal of work with our current and potential suppliers."
Ross Thomson
"We attended the recent ECRM Candy Annual Planning session, from the moment we made that decision and with only 5 days to prepare, a bit last minute, I was scooped up by my account manager to prepare, lots of work first time around but well worth it. From the vice president of grocery, all the way across the board, his team got us set up and ready. The meetings were quick and concise, the leads have been solid and have, only 1 week after, begun to pay off. There is no question that we will attend more of these and be happy with the quality buyers that attend and the great team of people that make it happen."
Michael Souza
Andre Prost, Inc.