"Fantastic event and well planned as always. The 20 minute format is perfect. Just enough time to get important points across while being efficient to fit in as many meetings as possible."
Will Wagner, NeutriSci International Inc.
Anthony Raissen
Ideaology 360
Paul Jarrett
Bulu Box
Brian Flach
Azur Global Nutrition, LLC
Sharon Hoffman
Better Nutritionals & Vitamin Friends
"The ECRM Vitamin, Diet and Nutrition EPPS event is an extremely busy show. By managing the traffic flow in such a critical fashion, ECRM created an extremely focused form of communication between buyers, sellers and others. That prompted buyers (and "shoppers") to ask "only" pertinent questions. In addition, I feel it forced Buyers to make "immediate" or at least a "mental decision" regarding whether they were really interested in bringing in our products or not ... I can't tell you what an impact that had on our success."
Bill Abele
Advanced Nutrient Science International