Education & EPPS Programs
Sunday, January 7, 2018
TABS Analytics: Vitamins, Minerals & Supplement Trends & Opportunities
60 minutes
During this educational session, TABS Analytics Founder and CEO Dr. Kurt Jetta will examine TABS’ historical data on the category to reveal trends and predict the course of the VMS category, both from a consumer and channel perspective. Among the areas of focus will be the types and volume of products purchased, the outlets at which they were purchased, as well as consumer promotional trends.

In addition, Dr. Jetta will review the results from the inaugural TABS VMS syndicated survey tracker launched in Q3 2017. This quarterly tracking service serves as an enhancement to the annual study and tracks channel, consumer and brand facts that are critical to understanding business and competitive drivers.

Dr. Jetta will go into more detail on this topic and cover, among other things:
• What's shaping the debate about the true sizeof the VMS category
• Estimated outlet sales and share of occasions, including the online channel
• How consumers are buying and shopping the category
Kurt Jetta, PhD, Founder & CEO
TABS Analytics
Monday, January 8, 2018
Train With an Olympian (Run Clinic) Sponsored by SOS
60 minutes
Come join SOS ambassador and Olympic finalist, Hassan Mead for an interactive run clinic with SOS Hydration. This program, which we offer to our retailers has proven a tremendous success in Kroger and 7-Eleven for sales, awareness and free PR for the local stores. SOS was founded by pro athletes who are also certified USATF coaches and is a hydration drink that's as effective as an Intravenous Drip. We had 26 Olympic Finalists at the Rio Olympics and we utilize these awesome athletes to educate our consumers in store or at their community events through an interactive experience which is way more than a demo. Even better it requires minimum input from the store. We begin bright and breezy at 6am with the program lasting just under an hour.

The timings are as follows:
6:00 AM Meet up (Hospitality)
6:05 AM Intro to SOS
6:10 AM Warm Up
6:20 AM Run clinic. The SOS team will give you tips on how to run properly. Saving you energy and making running even more enjoyable
6:35 AM 10 min run to put into action what you have just learnt. Don't worry its open to all abilities and the SOS team will be ensuring that everyone is looked after (weather dependent)
6:45 AM Q & A
7:00 AM Fully hydrated and on with the show!!
SOS Hydration
What's on the Horizon for Dietary Supplement Regulation and Oversignt
30 minutes
With a growing focus on transparency and accountability, there’s a shared responsibility between manufacturers and retailers as neither is exempt from regulatory and public scrutiny. Ms. Al-Mondhiry will provide a high level overview of what’s happening in the dietary supplement industry from a regulatory and oversight perspective with emphasis on key requirements that both retailers and manufacturers should be aware of and monitor. She’ll share insights on upcoming changes to supplement and food labeling and other hot topics related to FDA and FTC. She’ll also address how states are stepping in, from the State Attorneys General to legislative bills to Prop 65.
Rend Al-Mondhiry, Legal Counsel
CRN, Associate General Counsel
Cocktails - Special Guest U.S. Army Veteran Major Anthony (A-Train) Smith
30 minutes
Cocktails with Special Guest - U.S. Army Veteran Major Anthony (A-Train) Smith.

Every once in a while, you hear a story that truly moves you.  Army Veteran Major Anthony (A-Train) Smith is one of those American Heroes, who has an amazing story to tell! The National Vitamin Company is pleased to be partnering with our Nations Veterans, while Supporting Veteran Affairs Rehabilitation Events. This service organization works with our veterans with disabilities to improve quality of life and foster better health through competition. All competitive events promote healing of body & spirit for our nations veterans through sports, recreation and creative achievement.
Major Anthony (A-Train) Smith, U. S. Army Veteran
National Vitamin Company
Tuesday, January 9, 2018
Yoga and Importance of Refueling - sponsored by EVOLVE®
60 minutes
The EVOLVE ® Brand invites you to join us for a refreshing morning yoga experience.

EVOLVE ® plant-based protein products are free of dairy, soy, gluten and artificial flavors, and are made will all non-GMO ingredients. It's built on the foundation that simple is better, delicious is best. FLAVOR WITHOUT COMPROMISE.

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Yoga Instructor TBD
The Importance of Industry Self-Regulation Under the Current Administration
30 minutes
Building on yesterday’s lunch presentation, Ms. Atkinson will focus on the importance for the dietary supplement industry of self-regulation to increase manufacturer and retailer accountability and transparency. Her presentation will provide an update on some of the self-regulatory initiatives being undertaken by the dietary supplement industry, including the Supplement OWL, an industry-wide product label registry, focusing on the beneficial impact for regulators, retailers, industry and consumers. In addition, she’ll provide a snapshot on some of the other key self-regulatory initiatives, such as the Global Retailer and Manufacturer Alliance and the Supplement Safety & Compliance Initiative.
Gisele Atkinson
Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN)
Wednesday, January 10, 2018
ECRM & DSN Buyer Choice Awards
30 minutes
Join us for the Buyer's Choice Awards hosted by ECRM. Suppliers will submit their product offering and attending buyers will cast their vote for their favorite product! First place and finalist winners will be recognized during cocktails. To learn more about how you can participate, please contact your account manager.