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Sunday, August 20, 2017
Store Tours
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Join your industry peers during the ECRM Store Tours. ECRM buses will shuttle participants to various retail locations for a self-guided tour. During this time participants will have the opportunity to review new trends and techniques that they can take back to the office. The tours will take place at the following retail locations:


If you would like to participate, please contact Ryan Radzinski at
Leveraging Deli/Prepared Foods to Drive Total Store Sales
4:30 PM - 5:10 PM

Shoppers have many choices when it comes to groceries and even more when it comes to prepared meals. The range of food retailing and restaurant formats means you need clear points of differentiation to stand out in the shopper’s mind when it’s time for a meal.

Consumers are now spending more of their food dollars in bars/restaurants than in the supermarket; however, the deli department is trying to change that course...emerging as a growth driver and becoming more sophisticated than ever with offerings and in-store experiences.

The deli/deli prepared is often closely compared to fast-casual restaurants as the primary restaurant competitor. While many significant differences exist, when it comes to price and quality, consumers are comparing. In fact, 43% of consumers say deli prepared is often a better value than restaurants. But that’s not slowing this segment down. The fast-casual segment has seen aggressive growth in sales and store counts by focusing on fresh, quality ingredients and enhanced ambiance, but the deli department isn’t far behind.

In this session, Matt Lally with Nielsen Fresh Growth & Strategy, will share what’s happening in this growing sector of the food retail, how retailers are leveraging it to drive total store sales and the consumer attributes fueling its growth. By combining primary shopper research with a point-of-sale data overlay, she’ll provide specific insights from consumers on how their trips to the grocery store could begin to steal share from restaurants.

Among the topics to be discussed are:
* The role of deli prepared meal solutions in the American meal lineup with insights detailing the entire path to purchase.
* How deli departments are capitalizing on trends occurring outside the store and combating against perceived drawbacks.
* The biggest trends in consumer purchasing and consumption of deli prepared, and how it’s reaching consumers through convenience, health & wellness and personalization.
* Insights from consumers on how their trips to the grocery store could begin to steal share from restaurants.

Matt is a member of Nielsen's Fresh Growth & Strategy team where he focuses on presenting uncommon insights at various fresh industry conferences and events across the country. Over the past 7 years, he has specialized in product and consumer sales trends, and market dynamics impacting retail perishable departments. Recently he has spoken at conferences including United Fresh, Canadian Aquacultural Forum, and the Healthy & Natural Show. Prior to this role, Matt delivered analyses focused on product placement, pricing and promotional strategies to help clients maximize their ROI.

Matt Lally, Client Manager - Fresh Growth & Strategy
Health and Wellness Today: Bridging Perishables and Center Store to Save Shoppers
5:15 PM - 5:55 PM
Health and wellness has become one of the comprehensive platforms for growth for retailers across the country. Consumers are spending more and more on healthcare each year, and also spending more on those products in-store that enable them to live healthier lives. The critical question for retailers and manufacturers is how to capitalize on the health and wellness opportunity today.

In this session, Diana Sheehan, Director of Retail Insights with Kantar Retail, will provide an overview of key strategies that U.S. retailers are using to connect with shoppers to develop a credible partnership in health and wellness, from shelf to services. She will explore what shoppers look for as they work to live healthier lives, from diet, exercise, and more, and what they expect from retailers and manufacturers in enabling them to live better.

Finally, this session will discuss approaches that retailers and manufacturers can use to provide a comprehensive health and wellness solution to shoppers that extends beyond pharmacy and perishables, capitalizing on center-store categories to simplify what has become an incredibly complex concept for shoppers to understand.
Diana Sheehan, Director - Retail Insights
Kantar Retail
Welcome Reception & Panel Discussion
6:00 PM - 6:30 PM
This session will provide an overview of what to expect within the days to come at the EPPS. The session starts with ECRM walking through the day by day agenda, highlighting the times, locations and events happening outside of your one on one meetings.There will also be a short demonstration on the technology you will have access to throughout the event. The main focus of this session is to get feedback from the expert buyer and seller panelist that have volunteered to provide tips on how to get the most of out of the session. They will answer questions around how to make the most of your time within the meetings, what things to cover, and of course how to best handle the follow up afterwards. Most importantly, they will also be taking questions from the audience throughout the panel discussion.
Tyler Barich, Category Development Director
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