"As a specialty Cocoa and Drink Mix Company, finding the right buyer and getting an appointment can be difficult. With ECRM, I have been able to utilize my time effectively to see the correct buyer and show our lines. These meetings have turned into sales and new channels that we would otherwise have a hard time finding. The professionalism of the show itself is tremendous. Buyers WANT to go and seem to enjoy this method of sourcing products. I consider ECRM my most important show at the start of the year. The package may seem expensive at first, but with everything that is included, it is actually a savings over trying to see these many buyers on the road."
Alex Pava, McSteven's, Inc.
"The recent ECRM Frozen, Refrigerated, and In-Store Bakery EPPS was our third event and it was very good. We love the ECRM format, meeting with quality buyers when we come. The ECRM staff does a great job running the event so that everything runs smoothly. I use the Connect software to support my activity at the event and the staff insures fresh samples are at my booth when I need them. We plan to continue coming to ECRM in the future."
Ernani Verlangieri
Mr. Bey Foods USA
"My company has attended the ECRM International Food event every year since 2012 and it again was very good for Goya Foods. We meet the buyers we need to see and look forward to have the chance to meet possible new customers as well. The Connect software really helps me to manage my time and activity at the event. I can easily access all of my information when I get back to the office."
Eric Bray
Goya Foods
William Craig
Jax Coco US
"We like to attend ECRM events to save on time and expense traveling to go see buyers across the globe. At ECRM we have prescheduled meetings with our correct category buyers. We meet with current customers to discuss adding additional items to their assortment and new buyers for new business. Everything is done in one location."
Debbie Roberts
Seitenbacher America, LLC
"We have a difficult time meeting buyers at Expo West in Anaheim. ECRM offers an effective way to meet buyers in your category. The client service is exceptional and everyone is friendly and helpful."
David Kerdoon
Sencha Naturals
"ECRM events are always a success. We have attended numerous events and we always come away with many new customers and contracts. The events are very well organized and the iPad App is awesome. The information from the meetings is all saved to one location making it easy to identify follow ups."
Alissa Trinei
Manzana Products Co.
"We found a ton of value attending the Snack, Beverage & Grocery event because we received dedicated time with each buyer with their full attention, no distractions. Many of the buyers we met with are difficult to get appointments with in their office and at ECRM we were able to have appointments as well as socialize with these buyers at the meal functions during the event. This event helped us to develop our relationships with many key buyers in our category and will surely help to expand our business."
Yure Duarte
Liquid Management Partners
"The ECRM Snack, Beverage & Grocery event was a very good event for Inka Crops. The ECRM format is extremely well run and the pre-set schedule of one-on-one meetings insures that we will meet the buyers that we need to see."
John Chaloux
Inka Crops, N. A.,Inc.
"The ECRM event was extremely well organized with a numerous amount of things going on. The venue for the event was nice and well maintained. During the event ECRM did a wonderful job having several places to networks/connect with attendees such as lunch, dinner, cocktail hour and the offsite dinner. It was a great event to network at. The appointments were very productive. The staff was delightful and very accommodating, great team work. The other thing that is nice about the ECRM event is the Profile book you receive; it acts as a great reference guide! The Buyers were truly engaged in event and meetings, no wasted time. Every attendee, buyers and vendors were very involved and trying to make deals at the event. The iPad that was provided for us was very useful and an ideal reference tool! Overall from the event there has been very positive follow-up with buyer I met with, great networking source."
David Edelstein
Barney Butter
"I have been attending ECRM events for the past 4 years and find the event format and timing to meet our needs for efficient planning of annual promotions, as well as seasonal display opportunities. This is a great venue for meeting new suppliers, seeing innovation, and spending a short amount of time while accomplishing a great deal of work with our current and potential suppliers."
Ross Thomson
"I was WOWED by the teamwork, discipline, knowledge, and courtesy that the ECRM team provided. I use the word team because this is exactly what they were. Their interaction amongst each other was fluid, and flawless. It never seemed that there was one person in charge, because it seemed like they didn’t even need it, everyone knew their roles and each executed them. It is especially impressive, because much of team is young. They have a culture that allows their team to take ownership, and responsibility. In addition to the wonderful staff, from the travel arrangements to the shuttle service back and forth, to the hotel, and even the store bus tour, everything went on schedule and was hassle free. The Apple iPads were of great use, and very innovated. The evening entertainment was fun, inclusive and interactive. On the business end, after all that is what we are there for, I definitely learned a lot, and I am certain that we will have some fruitful business ventures in coming months, with the vendors that were there."
Antonio Acosta
Kings Food Markets
"ECRM is a valuable asset to the new supplier and new item process for my business. The advantages to this format is Time Savings- the format allows me thoroughly review potential suppliers and potential new items in a fast, efficient manner. Distractions are kept to a minimum and I can walk away from a program with all the information needed to make sound decisions on new items or new suppliers. The software provided at the meetings is helpful as it allows me to quickly capture the items I am interested in. The advantage to a show is it allows me the ability to review a large number of suppliers in a fraction of the time it would take to interview them in this office."
Mark Whited