"It was refreshing to work with a group of potential buyers where you really can see the opportunity as opposed to just being another booth in a large show hall. Scheduled appointments were key, and ECRM was very helpful in customizing a meeting schedule that fit our needs and objectives. Additionally, ECRM provides great tools (both digital tablet and hard copy directory) to help with detailing each prospects meeting and easy follow up."
Robert Cassulis, ALFA International Corp
"As a first time supplier with ECRM, the event exceeded my expectations on all levels. From the unique format, the quality of attendees, ECRM staff and scheduled events designed to increase supplier/buyer interactions, it was by far the best business building opportunity I have ever attended. ECRM is a professional, well-staffed and organized event planner who truly offers a value added platform to meet with high level buying executives in a comfortable and professional setting. I would definitely recommend an ECRM event to colleagues and I plan on attending for many years to come."
Brian Parpart
Green Wave International
"Everything about ECRM is top notch. The hotel accommodations, the professionalism of the staff, the planning, keeping everything on track, was all done very well. It didn’t take long into the first day to know we would have to come back next year. We had nothing but good feedback. The iPad was a great feature and designed very well. This is a first class event. We would love to support another event in the future."
Dustin Moreland
Detecto Scale Co.
"ECRM has a very unique system. It is like speed dating, but with suppliers. The format allows us time to see products that we would otherwise not find in other big shows. We also like the time we spend with the suppliers to talk about what works for us, and how we can work together on future opportunities. Big shows do not give us the time to really talk about how we can partner with them to board a product on our planes. United comes to the ECRM food shows and has found many items that have great promise to board on our planes. One of the most popular ones that we found that is currently flying is the stroopwafle."
Marisol Otero
United Airlines
"I would have to say that this has been the most productive event we have attended to date. We weren't sure what to expect but really appreciated the format both for the 20 minute meetings and the 10 minute meetings. This format forced both the vendor and the participants to stay focused and on topic. We were also able to seek out vendors for more information at the evening and lunchtime meals. Networking with peer institutions was an unexpected but added bonus. Being able to talk with our peers in a small group setting is so valuable. Brainstorming and sharing ideas helps to enrich our programs. Great job too by your staff. You were all so friendly, helpful, and professional. I will highly recommend to my peers who were not in attendance."
Cairon Moore
University of Colorado at Boulder
"I recently attended the ECRM Foodservice Show in Cape Coral, Florida. The show that was hosted by ECRM was very well planned and informative. I met with a variety of vendors and the products they have to offer were products that I could use in my operations. I am also looking for new and innovative products. The vendors were very helpful and provided the necessary information needed regarding their products. They were willing to send samples so that I could share with my staff and do a cutting with the products I am currently using. The ECRM staff were very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable."
Larry Koay
West Virginia University
"This format is an excellent use of productivity in my opinion for both me as a buyer/end user and for the vendors. I think product representatives are doing well to see two clients on a good day in ordinary circumstances; At ECRM they see thirty a day. It keeps it practical for me as an operator because in my operation I frequently have to decline requests for vendor appointments or change the time due to operational issues. At ECRM you are on a schedule, you are not locked into your operation, so there is no reason to distract me from meeting all of the potential partners. It is a WIN/WIN proposition!"
Charles Riley
Omni Mandalay Hotel
"ECRM does an outstanding job at pairing up customers with potential vendors. The ECRM team is one of the best I have ever worked with. They are friendly, well-educated and they help with invaluable networking. Their hospitality, vendor networking and technology make this a must on my calendar for next time."
Steve Brooks
Tumbleweed Inc.