Education & EPPS Programs
Monday, February 6, 2017
The Crucial Knowledge & Knowhow to Following Up - Supplier Focused Session
30 minutes
TLB Consulting is a concierge consulting company, led by Timothy Bush, who has over 22 years of retail/wholesale expertise. Tim hosts a weekly On the Shelf podcast that tackles important subjects crucial to mounting a successful sales campaign into larger retailers - from time frames to packaging to pricing - using simple steps, information and instruction.

Tim will be presenting key insights into growing your sales through buyer follow-up both during and after the EPPS. Attend this session to gain tips, and suggestions on how to make the biggest impact with your buyers after leaving Las Vegas!
Timothy Bush, President
TLB Consulting
Attracting More Customers into C-Stores by Optimizing the Customer Journey
45 minutes
What is the most important job of Convenience Store owners? It’s actually two things: attracting and retaining customers. If you have a gas station, then what percentage of your gas customers actually come into your store? How many of them are loyal and come back and purchase from you frequently?

In this presentation, Trepoint CEO Bill Carmody will explore the four phases of the customer journey from the perspective of the C-Store:(1) Discovery, (2) Activation, (3) Transaction, and (4) Advocacy. At each phase of the customer journey, customers are looking for very different things from your C-Store. Bill Carmody will explore what important industry takeaways Trepoint has uncovered and how to apply these insights to further attract customers and drive repeat purchase behavior which leads to bottom line results for C-Stores.

Bill Carmody, CEO
Panel Discussion - Latest Trends in Front-End Checkout Merchandising
40 minutes
Learn what is hot and what is not: latest designs, latest equipment, latest merchandising methods.. Also hear what is selling best at the checkout based on the newest Time Inc. study. Whether you will be replacing your current checkstand merchandisers fixtures, doing an extention program, or only reevaluating product mix and placement, this presentation will help you to maximize your final program.
Frank Bishop and Bill Romollino
Innovative Fixture Solutions and Time Inc.
ECRM Welcome Reception/Panel Discussion
30 minutes
Join fellow industry peers for a demonstration of ECRM Connect and the ECRM event follow-up site. These demos will be followed by a panel discussion with past buyer and seller event participants. This panel discussion will help attendees gain insight into how to best prepare for meetings and how to maximize your time at the event and when following up with clients.
Sarah Davidson, Senior Vice President of Grocery