Appointments are constructed based on categories and capabilities to ensure the most efficient appointment list is created for buyers and suppliers.
Company Name Attendee Title General Merchandise (26) Hardware & Automotive (13) Household Chemicals, Laundry, Paper (20) Household Cleaning Supplies (20) Housewares (23) Storage/ Organization (Non -Food) (18) Toy (12)
Aricol Ltd. (Ukraine) Chairman
Aricol Ltd. (Ukraine) President
Bawi Logistics, S.A. De C.V. (Mexico ) CEO
Bawi Logistics, S.A. De C.V. (Mexico ) Asistente de Director General
Bolo & Brother LTD (British Virgin Islands) President
Bolo & Brother LTD (British Virgin Islands) Vice-President
City Club (Mexico ) Office Supplies
Corporacion Megasuper (Costa Rica) HH&GM Buyer
Corporacion Megasuper (Costa Rica) Comercial Manager
Dipac SA (Costa Rica) Finance Director
Dipac SA (Costa Rica) Director Comercial
Dipac SA (Costa Rica) Marketing and Key Account
Drogueria Betances, Inc (Puerto Rico) Brand Director
Drogueria Betances, Inc (Puerto Rico)
Enlace Corporativo (Mexico ) CEO
Enlace Corporativo (Mexico ) Marketing
Epoints (England, United Kingdom)
Epoints (England, United Kingdom) Commerical Director
Espol S.A. (Chile) Director
Excellent Stores Ltd (Trinidad & Tobago) Executive Manager – Buying & Category Management
Excellent Stores Ltd (Trinidad & Tobago) Director of Strategic Planning & Development
Excellent Stores Ltd (Trinidad & Tobago) Managing Director
Gammatrade S.A. (Ecuador) CEO
Gammatrade S.A. (Ecuador) Commercial Manager
Gipsyint de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. (Mexico ) Director
Gipsyint de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. (Mexico ) VP Sales
H.E.B. Mexico (Mexico ) Cleaning Supplies & Chemicals
H.E.B. Mexico (Mexico ) Electronics- Buyer
H.E.B. Mexico (Mexico ) Business Development Manager
Importadora Global P.P. C. x A. (Dominican Republic) General Manager
Lemniscate, S.A. (Guatemala) General Manager
Lemniscate, S.A. (Guatemala) Company Partner
Linella & Unimarket Group (Moldova) General Manager
Linella & Unimarket Group (Moldova) Deputy CEO
Meykos S.A. (Guatemala) Commercial Manager
Meykos S.A. (Guatemala) Brand Manager
Munso Importaciones (Costa Rica) General Manager
New Power International SA (Peru) General Manager
New Power International SA (Peru) Imports Manager
O2O Worldwide (United States) Brand Development
O2O Worldwide (United States) CEO
Poundland (England, United Kingdom) Health & Beauty (Hair, Cosmetics, Make-Up Gallery
Poundland (England, United Kingdom) Household Buyer
Poundland (England, United Kingdom) Buyer- General Merchandise
Poundstretcher Ltd (England, United Kingdom) Textiles & Toys buyer
Poundstretcher Ltd (England, United Kingdom)
ProCare Oy (Finland) CEO
Prodin Centro (Mexico ) Owner / Director
Prodin Centro (Mexico ) Category Manager
Promoservicios (Mexico ) Director Comercial
Promoservicios (Mexico ) Project Manager
Quifatex S.A. (Ecuador) Consumer Division Manager
Quifatex S.A. (Ecuador)
Romey, Inc. (Puerto Rico) President
Romey, Inc. (Puerto Rico) Marketing and Purchasing Manager
SlenderShop (Colombia) CEO
SlenderShop (Colombia) CFO
SRM Asociados Distribuidor Ltda. (Chile) Commercial Director
SRM Asociados Distribuidor Ltda. (Chile) Director of Operations
Supermercados Peruanos S.A. (Peru) PC & Cleaning Supplies Buyer
Supermercados Peruanos S.A. (Peru) Chief Commercial Import