"This was my first time attending ECRM and it completely exceeded my expectations. I attend events all over the globe, such as Prowein and Vinexpo, and this is the best event in the US to meet buyers and decision-makers. I made over a dozen great leads."
Justin Moran, Limestone Coast Wine (LCW)
"The ECRM Global Wine, Beer & Spirits EPPS exceeded my expectations. We are a very small startup and the cost of the event was beyond what our budget allowed but after seeing the list of retailers attending the show we felt like we had to try it. We were blown away on how well the ECRM team was organized and in addition we’ve ended up with many hot leads that we hope to convert in the next few weeks."
Rick Martinez
Senor Sangria
"My company has been to ECRM before but this was my first experience and I found the event to be great, had quality meeting with buyers. The ECRM staff did a phenomenal job running the event and helping during pre-event preparation. The Connect software on the iPad was also great to support our efforts at the event"
Katie Pelowski
Fetzer Vineyards
"This was the first time for my company to attend the ECRM Global Wine, Beer & Spirits EPPS and found it to be great. The event was well run and the buyers we met were decision makers – very good quality meetings overall. The Connect software on the iPad was amazing to support my efforts at the event: taking notes and checking off items that buyers were interested in and wanted samples."
Barbara Ruppel
Casa Perini
"A great event for meeting buyers that would take weeks or months to see. The quality of buyers is very good. The ability to create downloadable notes for follow-up is a great use of technology. The ECRM staff has been extremely helpful with any issues that came up."
Andrew Mello
Mango Bottling, Inc.
"We got to meet with so many great customers at the recently Global Wine, Beer & Spirits event. The meetings are efficient and in addition to the one on one appointments we also have full access to the industry contact directory which is a big plus."
Kathy Kritikos
The Big Wave Beverage
"The ECRM meetings & format is an efficient channel through which the process of sourcing new products & new sellers to international markets has become easier. It has allowed us to find new, innovative, & quality products, as well as learn about trending global tendencies. We, at Cencosud, appreciate the opportunity they give us to continuously participate in these events. They are all well-organized & structured, ran in a very professional environment. Thank you for letting us be part of these events!!"
Susana Coloma
Cencosud Peru
"If you are looking for national partners, innovative new strategies or maybe just wish to consider expanding your retail offerings, ECRM will give you the result you’re looking for. Their events are packed with specific, pre-coordinated meetings that will allow buyers the maximum amount of viable contacts in the least amount of time. And, ECRM does all the work for you by screening your specific needs to allow you make decisions on products that will directly impact your business. We walked into ECRM with a hope for an expanded wine program and consistent assortment and walked out with a national partnership and universal distribution that will triple our number of wine locations in the near future."
John Deichler
Murphy USA, Inc.
"The opportunity to meet with these decision-makers in my category is immediately impactful for my business. I had a private meeting in the morning with a large grocery chain and, just four hours later, I already had two RFP’s in my e-mail inbox! I look forward to the next event."
Mike Rosalina
Terroir Selections
"ECRM continues to be one of the greatest resources that link the Walgreens buying team to diverse number of suppliers available worldwide. As a team we find the ECRM process highly productive, it’s a very effective use of our time to meet with all the participating vendors of all scale and size. The Global Wine, Beer & Spirits events have proven to be a very effective use of our time and as a company our Adult Beverage team will continue to make the ECRM meetings and format an integral part of our review and selection process throughout the year. To date approximately 20% of the planogram items have been discovered during the ECRM events."
Dale Johnson
Walgreen Company
"In 2011, I suggested to my supplier that they attend the ECRM meeting in Napa, California. Although this seemed rather expensive initially, I can verify that the contacts and sales made from these meetings more than paid for any and all expenses. The meetings were done professionally and without interruption. It allowed my clients to open multiple states with various buyers and eventually led to a national chain launch."
Carl Folkman
Florida Wine & Spirits
"We attended our first ECRM wine event last September in Napa, California. Because we registered only a few days before the event, we didn’t have a lot of time to prepare and we didn’t know what to expect. But, the event ended up being a HUGE success for us and we were completely impressed by ECRM’s format and professionalism. We were able to network with several customers during the show and business started picking up as soon as we left. Our business has shown double digit growth from the relationships that we developed at the event - our sales went through the roof! In addition, we are now the primary wine provider for a prominent, North American restaurant chain. We don’t typically attend trade shows, but ECRM’s private-meeting format is so efficient, you can’t afford not to attend! We can’t wait to see what happens at your next wine event in May. See you then!"
Eric Guerra
Summerland Wine Brands