"The recent ECRM Frozen, Refrigerated, and In-Store Bakery EPPS was our third event and it was very good. We love the ECRM format, meeting with quality buyers when we come. The ECRM staff does a great job running the event so that everything runs smoothly. I use the Connect software to support my activity at the event and the staff insures fresh samples are at my booth when I need them. We plan to continue coming to ECRM in the future."
Ernani Verlangieri, Mr. Bey Foods USA
"I have been to a lot of shows in 35 years – this is the first time I have ever done ECRM. It is safe to say we will be scheduling ECRM and back Annually to do this Trade Show Event. The format is so much better than the other Conventions/Food Shows and opened the doors to TONS of New Business for the Company."
David Horvath
Dr. Praeger's
"The ECRM Fresh and Frozen event was the most organized show we have been to. The staff was very helpful in assisting. The iPads were a great tool in organizing all of our notes on each vendor appointment. We committed to some great opportunities for our company."
Judy Stephens
Save Mart Supermarkets
"I was WOWED by the teamwork, discipline, knowledge, and courtesy that the ECRM team provided. I use the word team because this is exactly what they were. Their interaction amongst each other was fluid, and flawless. It never seemed that there was one person in charge, because it seemed like they didn’t even need it, everyone knew their roles and each executed them. It is especially impressive, because much of team is young. They have a culture that allows their team to take ownership, and responsibility. In addition to the wonderful staff, from the travel arrangements to the shuttle service back and forth, to the hotel, and even the store bus tour, everything went on schedule and was hassle free. The Apple iPads were of great use, and very innovated. The evening entertainment was fun, inclusive and interactive. On the business end, after all that is what we are there for, I definitely learned a lot, and I am certain that we will have some fruitful business ventures in coming months, with the vendors that were there."
Antonio Acosta
Kings Food Markets
"We weren’t sure what to expect at our first ECRM event (Southern Regional Fresh & Frozen) however we were pleasantly surprised and the event proved to be very beneficial. We look forward to attending future shows in 2011."
Tiffany Davis
Hilton Miami Airport