Education & EPPS Programs
Sunday, July 24, 2016
Store Tours
120 minutes
Join your industry peers during the ECRM Store Tours. ECRM buses will shuttle participants to various retail locations for a self-guided tour. During this time participants will have the opportunity to review new trends and techniques that they can take back to the office. The tours will take place at the following retail locations: 

Publix Sabor
Winn Dixie
Insights & Best Practices for Exporting to Europe
30 minutes
Presenting solutions for doing business in Europe and overcoming the labeling, language and regulations.
Martin Wathes, Managing Director
Worldwide Brands
The Need for Better Data - Enhancing Product Distribution and Marketing with Actionable Market Intelligence
30 minutes
Corporations are increasingly reliant on current and accurate data to make decisions that impact where products are sold and marketed. Consumers have more options of products to buy and places to buy them. By analyzing the data, retailers and consumer packaged goods companies can anticipate the demand and position their products in front of consumers who have a propensity to purchase. Increasing efficiencies in distribution and optimizing sales.
David F. Mesas, Director of Sales
ECRM Welcome Reception/Panel Discussion
30 minutes
Join fellow industry peers for a demonstration of ECRM Connect and the ECRM event follow-up site. These demos will be followed by a panel discussion with past buyer and seller event participants. This panel discussion will help attendees gain insight into how to best prepare for meetings and how to maximize your time at the event and when following up with clients.
Sarah Davidson, Senior Vice President of Grocery
Monday, July 25, 2016
Changing The Face of America: Ethnic Diversity, Millennials, Women & Technology
35 minutes
Ethnic diversity, millennials, women and the new technology are changing the way we shop, where we shop and what we shop for. But the new technology gives us the data we need to learn who our customers are and what they are buying so we can re-format our stores, location by location to meet this challenge.
Joe Benites
Latino Food Industry Association