"The Electronics Retail Summit was a good event. We met a lot of customers who we already knew and we didn’t know before. Your organization was very professional."
Lewis Wu, TP-LINK USA Corporation
Michael Borenstein
AfterShokz LLC
"This was my first experience at an ECRM show. I originally signed up for the ECRM Electronics Retail Summit, and when Chris Eyring called to further discuss our company and products, he recommended that I consider attending the Impulse/Front End/Checklane and Convenience Events. I took his advice and registered…without exception, this was the best experience I have ever had. I’ve attended numerous trade shows in the past, and the unfortunate truth is that you’re at your booth waiting for that perfect customer to walk by…not the case with ECRM. The meetings that were scheduled for me were with qualified buyers and distributors who wanted to see and hear about my products. The leads I secured and the contacts I made were invaluable. This show opened up opportunities that I would not have otherwise had…there is no way to have 25+ quality meetings with potential customers from all over the country and Canada IN ONE DAY! The communication and support from everyone on the ECRM team, especially my account rep Erin Krumpe, was top notch. On site, Brian Richards did a fantastic job ensuring that I had everything I needed, and that all of my appointments were there on time. If they weren’t there, he tracked them down quickly. The entire ECRM staff was extremely friendly, and willing to help in any way. I was in the Power Hall, and met some fantastic new business colleagues and friends. I learned quite a bit as well; as a first time exhibitor, I had a lot of questions, and between my booth neighbors and the ECRM staff, all were answered. I signed up for the 2016 Front End/Impulse/Checklane and Convenience events while still at the show this year, and am looking forward to another successful event. I highly recommend ECRM events; they are a very valuable investment in the success of your company."
Jim Hess
"ECRM is valuable. Very efficient use of time. Allows us to accomplish in 3 days in what would normally take 6 months. Handles the initial part of the sales process and moves right to the follow-up. Such a time saver. A lot of success because this was the second meeting. Closed 5 - 6 from last year, expect to close more this year. That adds credibility."
Pat McCabe
"ECRM gives me the access to find alternative ways to increase revenue within our stores. In addition, ECRM allows us to visit with vendors we may otherwise have never met. If ECRM was like any other trade show with booths on the floor, I would have walked by many without even giving them an opportunity. By meeting face to face with each vendor, you get the opportunity to keep an open mind and discover products and partnerships that may have been overlooked."
Ruth Armour
Flexi Compras Corp.
"ECRM is excellent. Best trade show I've ever participated in--the tablets provided to record real time comments and notes were SO EFFECTIVE. Well organized and a really polite, polished, positive support team."
Jena Masquelier
Emerge Technologies, Inc.
"Since attending our first ECRM event, we have been raving about the smooth running event and the vendors that we met after getting back to the office. We would love to participate again and we feel that we made some really good connections.-"
Margrett Andrews
MacXprts Network
"The Electronics Retail Summit hosted by ECRM and Levin Consulting was our best event yet. The retailers that we met with this year were engaged in conversation and willing to view each manufacturer’s products. At other events, the attendees are not required to meet with you but here, we get guaranteed meetings with each retailer in our category."
Vicki Fil
Elexa Consumer Products