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Sunday, February 7, 2016
From Millennials to Mobile: Understanding American Consumer
45 minutes
Although the American economy has largely recovered, the consumer mindset fundamentally shifted. Rich Zeldes, Executive Vice President of Global Strategy and Development at Women’s Marketing, a leading U.S. based media strategy, planning, and buying organization, will address emerging consumer and market trends and offer actionable insights for brands in the U.S. market, including pivotal factors motivating key American demographic groups and offer insight into the lifestyle trends impacting the beauty and personal care categories, and explain the latest media trends in print, digital, and mobile.
Rich Zeldes, EVP, Managing Director, Global Business Development
Women's Marketing
Practical details of the European Cosmetic Regulation with a special focus on claims
45 minutes


Recent EU HBC regulations have standardized requirements across 31 countries across the European Economic Area, providing guidelines for areas including procedures, packaging materials, and nanomaterials, as well as the supply chain as it pertains to manufacturers, importers, and distributors. They define the roles and responsibilities of each of the parties involved in an effort to ensure safe products and safe manufacturing processes.


In this presentation, EcoMundo's cosmetic expert will provide practical details such as:


    - Concerned actors of the supply chain

    - The role of "Responsible Person" 

    - Key steps to compliance

    - Compliant labeling

    - Collaboration with your suppliers

    - Claims you can and cannot make *hot topic* 

    - Etc.


About EcoMundo:

EcoMundo helps cosmetics manufacturers navigate the process of chemical risk management by leveraging its expertise of chemical substances, worldwide regulations, ecodesign, and software development. It supports large companies and SMEs on issues related to chemical risk, including regulatory compliance, anticipation of substances obsolescence, and environmentally-friendly design/packaging. EcoMundo has designed a software called COSMETIC FACTORY to assist the industry with cosmetic compliance and the drafting of the Product Information File (PIF).


Keywords: REACH, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Detergents, Safety Data Sheets, Software.

Marie-Paule Ballet
Tuesday, February 9, 2016
Social Media, Story & Your Brand
20 minutes

This presentation will demonstrate the importance of storytelling for beauty and personal care brands on social media. Specifically, attendees will learn:


1. Why stories are more important than facts

2. How to construct a social brand narrative over time

3. Identifying brand themes and buckets on social media

4. Strategic measuring of social media content

5. Advantage of teaming with retailers


Harnessing social media’s potential to tell stories can create enormous opportunities to reach customers, influence retail partners and gain a competitive advantage over larger players. Social media is the great equalizer if you know how to use it advantageously. Your customers are already online and fully engaged – more often than not they are online AND in the store—at the same time! So please join us for a fun and engaging look at how your brand story can become one of your most valuable assets.

Brad Nix
Brand Chorus
Wednesday, February 10, 2016
ECRM Product Awards
90 minutes


Celebrate creative and fresh product offerings that move the industry forward during the ECRM Product Awards. One winner will be honored for their Most Innovative Product.