A Driving Force for Buyers & Sellers

ECRM puts the right brands in front of the right buyers at the right time with end-to-end solutions that drive seamless product discovery, evaluation and purchase.


Over 3 Million 1-On-1 Curated Meetings to Date

Getting a new product on the shelves at well-known chain stores or into restaurant menus is incredibly hard for brands. For buyers, finding unique and innovative products is equally difficult. ECRM Programs are the bridge between these two worlds to efficiently connect potential partners in order to accelerate B2B commerce.

What does this mean for you?



Traditional Trade Events Don’t Measure Up

ECRM Programs give you guaranteed access to top buyers in your specific category. Our client success team members are second-to-none as they walk you through the entire process, ensuring interactions between buyers and suppliers are more effective than any chance meeting at a trade show can possibly provide. To accomplish this goal ECRM has a two-pronged approach to help drive your business forward.

ECRM - A Driving Force


Adversity drives innovation and we’ve answered the call with several new options to expand your business growth during these trying times. Facilitating these virtual Programs, the ECRM Connect app provides a hub for all the information you need to know beforehand to prepare, a digital meeting platform and an area to store notes during virtual appointments, and reminders for follow-up after your meetings conclude. All of these recent innovations work seamlessly in tandem with our proprietary RangeMe inbound product sourcing platform.

The newly launched Global Market revolutionizes how buyers discover new products, how suppliers promote their brand and the way in which those buyer and seller interactions are executed. It’s efficient, effective and helps retailers and unique brands close deals and forge successful business partnerships. Global Market is facilitated through RangeMe and ECRM Connect providing participants with a state of the art digital experience.


Our white-glove customer service is the reason our clients are so successful. The minute you commit to an ECRM Program – whether it be virtual or in-person – you are assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager (CSM) to help guide you through the process. These representatives take exceptional care to match you with the potential buyers most likely to be interested in your product based on their stated needs and objectives.

They take the time to learn everything about your business: your products, distribution, capabilities, relevant certifications -- in short, anything a buyer needs to know about your business. Based on this information, they curate appointments for you at our category Programs, connecting you with relevant buyers at top chains in your specific product category. The follow-up is as important as the first impression. After you leave the category Program, your CSM will advise you on best practices for staying top-of-mind with your new connections. What's more, they are easily accessible year-round to handle any questions you might have.


Categories Served

Foodservice, General Merchandise, Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty Care, Pharmacy & Medical

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A Dream Come True For Buyers

Buyers can spend hours in meetings listening to new product pitches that don’t deliver. We provide buyers completely vetted appointments with suppliers of products that meet their needs and objectives, absolutely FREE of charge.

Your Relationship Catalysts

ECRM Programs include meetings – virtual or on-site – with buyers in relevant retail, foodservice, or pharmaceutical departments. We plan every detail of your experience leaving you the freedom to connect with the buyers. Read more


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