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The ECRM Content Gateway is a platform on which buyers, sellers, marketers and merchandisers can find actionable information published to help them – and their businesses – to more effectively compete. Its content includes case studies, company profiles, columns from industry experts, promotional insights, and multimedia, as well as “how-to” information on how to best leverage ECRM’s digital, event and analytics tools.

Viewers are encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions related to articles on the site, and are invited to submit columns or content ideas of their own by contacting Joseph Tarnowski, VP of Content,
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Consumer Technology Opportunities for Mass Retailers
According to recent NPD research, the key for mass retailers is to sell products aimed at the huge installed bases of TVs, PCs, and smartphones
Solo Technology Holdings, Rem-Fit Win ECRM Buyers Choice Awards
The winners were selected from among dozens of suppliers who had their products on display during the ECRM Consumer Technology EPPS Innovation Hour
Digital Marketing Trends: How We Spend Time with Media 2018
Women's Marketing's Ann D'Adamo shares insights into digital marketing trends to pay attention to in 2018.
The Impact of Natural on the OTC Category
Insights on how retailers and brands can work natural OTC products into assortments – without confusing shoppers
Tony Robbins’ Six Human Needs & Impulse Marketing
There are six basic, universal needs that drive all human behavior – here’s how you can leverage them to drive impulse sales.
Using Mobile to Track (and Influence) C-Store Foot Traffic
Convenience retailing is all about giving consumers a reason to come in the store. Here's how you can leverage mobile tech to do just that.
Trends in the Beauty Category
Popular trends in the beauty category
European Retailers & Distributors Find Beauty Innovation in Budapest
At ECRM's Euro Beauty Week, held recently in Budapest, European retailers discovered beauty and personal care innovations from around the world
Today's Beauty Category: Natural, Colorful, Social
Consumers increasingly rely on information, rather than ads, to make their beauty purchasing decisions, and seek more natural -- and colorful -- products
Retailers to Discuss Pet Category Trends at ECRM Panel Discussion
Buyers from 99 Cents Only Stores, Albertsons, Big Y, and Natural Pawz to discuss trends impacting the pet category during ECRM Pet EPPS
How Listening to Customers can Inform Your Prices (And More)
You can determine the best price -- or prices -- for your products by soliciting feedback from your customers
Podcast: Leah Caplanis, Founder & CEO, SOCIAL Sparkling WIne
Leah takes us through the origins of her business, its challenges and successes, and provides an inside look at her experience on the Billion Dollar Buyer TV show.
Bringing 'Sexy' to Home Health & Caregiver Solutions
Making the home healthcare retail experience "sexier" helps to boost cash sales and better compete against encroaching online retailers.
Sound Bodies, Sound Minds at ECRM’s Vitamin Session
Buyer and seller attendees of ECRM’s Vitamin, Weight Management & Sports Nutrition EPPS had tons of educational opportunities during this year’s session.
Product Showcase: Home Health & Caregiver Solutions EPPS
Take a look at just some of the latest products that were showcased at the January 2018 Home Health & Caregiver Solutions EPPS.
Podcast: What One Thing to Do (and to Avoid) for Success in 2018
This year's first On the Shelf Flash Topic podcast covered the key things on which supplier entrepreneurs should focus for success in the coming year.
ECRM Store Brands Summit: Actionable Insights for Retailers
The education sessions will feature speakers from Competitive Promotion Report, Fair Trade USA, Kantar Consulting, Nielsen and Menasha
Creating Engagement, Excitement & Experiences in the Toy Category
When it comes to toys, creating a strong experience around exploration and play is key for driving sales in the category.
Dollar General Announces Call for New Vendors
Company holds inaugural innovation and supplier diversity summit; Encourages new vendors to apply to partner with major discount retailer
ECRM Buyer Success: University of Colorado at Boulder
At ECRM’s Foodservice: Natural, Organic & Healthy Foods EPPS, Cairon Moore found the perfect beverage to give students healthy energy for finals.