Harnessing Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Pharmacy Practice  5/20/2024

SpartanNash Clinical Care Coordinator Robin Curtis, Pharm. D., moderated a roundtable on "Harnessing Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Pharmacy Practice" during ECRM's Diabetes, Diagnostics & Clinical Session in Kansas City, and here she provides some key takeaways from the discussion.

CGMs capture a wealth of data

A tremendous amount of data is collected from CGM devices; the key is to evaluate this data to uncover patterns that offer insights that will drive positive outcomes for the patients via lifestyle changes and pharmaceutical interventions when needed, and Robin dives into some of the ways in which this data can be used.

She also touches on some of barriers to getting patients to use these devices, such as cost, insurance coverage -- and in some cases, particularly among active people, the devices may occasionally fall off.

Overcoming these barriers was actually a topic of one of the other roundtables, and we will post some takeaways from that discussion shortly!

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