Divine Seeds & Higher Education Skincare Win ECRM Europe Buyer's Choice Awards  7/25/2022

1st Place winner Divine Seeds Skin Transforming Serum

In a future where the line between human and technological device blurs, where water is a protected resource, energy concerns ring true and natural ingredients take centre stage, how will beauty brands innovate to stay competitive? Many consumers say they shop at retailers that support causes they believe in. Consumers are becoming increasingly more thoughtful about what they purchase, where it comes from and  how their buying habits affect the world around them.

Virtual Meetings. Digital Votes. Winner takes it all.
This spring, we hosted the European Sustainable, Purpose Driven & Indie Brands Program – Beauty; an ECRM program specifically designed to introduce European retailers to the most innovative, sustainable, purpose-driven, and socially relevant beauty & wellness brands.

During the session, participating buyers were able to visit the Buyers Choice Awards section of the ECRM Connect platform and cast a digital vote on their favourite product, based on innovation and product packaging. We are pleased to announce the winners:

Winner: Divine Seeds | Skin Transforming Serum
Divine Seeds artfully blends nature and science to create skincare products that arm skin with resilience and bring out natural beauty. Concentrating on two of the best ingredients Greek nature has to offer, namely prickly pear and artichoke, Divine Seeds exploits their highly antioxidant- and hydrating-qualities and creates a limited collection of products that help people over 30 years old combat the effects of environmental degradation, urban pollution and stress on their skin.

Extensive research & development, original formulae, awarded packaging, locally sourced ingredients, and a vegan & cruelty-free philosophy, are what make Divine Seeds unique.

A product featuring quite impressive results at its efficacy tests, Skin Transforming Serum powerfully combines naturally derived actives from prickly pear and artichoke, known for their moisturising and antioxidant properties, with collagen-like structured peptides, anti-ageing components and hyaluronic acid of four different molecular weights, to fight all signs of photo-ageing and fatigue for a gradually brighter, smoother, and youthful-looking skin.

Runner-up: Higher Education Skincare | CRAM SESSION Blue Light Blocking Moisturizer

Higher Education Skincare's line of clean, safe, and healthy skincare is formulated specifically for the needs of younger skin. Higher Education Skincare combines the best of science and nature to target their customers’ main concerns. They represent and embrace every kind of skincare loving person and celebrate their individuality, diversity, and encourage them to live life authentically. All products are dermatologist approved, paraben-free, vegan, cruelty-free, nut-free, gluten-free, sulfate-free and made in the USA.
Keeping sustainability in mind, packaging is made from PCR and recyclable paper. Higher Education Skincare is committed to becoming a fully eco-conscious and sustainable beauty brand in the future.

Higher Education Skincare Cram Session Blue Light Blocking Moisturizer

CRAM SESSION Blue Light Blocking Moisturizer features fractionated melanin, an innovative ingredient that protects skin against damaging blue-light emitted from digital devices. Vitamins A, C, and E provide antioxidant protection and sodium hyaluronate (a more stable version of hyaluronic acid) replenishes moisture and protects the skin’s microbiome.

Congratulations to our Buyer’s Choice Award Winners!

Next year’s European Conscious Beauty & Personal Care Program will take place May 9-10, 2023

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Mark Reindertsen

Marketing Manager - International
ECRM Europe

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