The Business of Booze: Insights from ECRM’s Virtual Sessions  9/8/2020

Last month ECRM held it’s Global Wine, Beer & Spirits and On-Premise Adult Beverage Virtual Sessions, which featured several throught leadership components, including on-demand educational presentations from Nielsen as well as The Sasha Group, and three moderated roundtables during which participants held casual conversations around key industry topics.

While participants had the “first look” at these presentations, now that the session is over, we’re opening up these great insights to everybody! Below you’ll find both on-demand presentations, as well as recap interviews with the moderators of the three roundtables that were held on the ECRM Connect platform during the session. In these interviews, each moderator provides key takeaways from their discussions with buyers and sellers from each.

Here are the links to net year’s sessions:


Nielsen Insights: Navigating Beverage Alcohol Through the "Next" Normal

Danelle Kosmal, Vice President & Beverage Alcohol Lead and Kaleigh Theriault, Client Manager, Beverage Alcohol for Nielsen take us through trends in the on-premise and off-premise beverage alcohol landscape, and how it's been impacted by the pandemic.

They provide in-depth insights on the beer, wine and spirits segments and how consumer behavior around each has shifted from pre-COVID to where we are now: the "next" normal. In addition, they examine how ecommerce is playing a larger role than ever as consumers stay home more often.

Click here to download the presentation slides: Nielsen Presentation_ECRM_August 2020.pdf


Marketing For 2020 & Beyond - Winning the Fight For Consumer Attention

Do you know where your audience is spending time? Does your marketing approach reflect that? For many companies, they're overspending on media that isn't producing the same returns as 10 years ago. During this video presentation, Mark Evans, Executive Director of The Sasha Group (a VaynerX Company) and ECRM VP of Content Joseph Tarnowski explore what it looks like to leverage contemporary digital media for brands, particularly in today's world where people are spending much more time on their digital devices and social media. 


Roundtable Recap: Adult Beverage Merchandising Best Practices (Will Phillips, The Phillips Consulting Alliance)

Will Phillips speaks with ECRM's Joseph Tarnowski about some key takeaways his roundtable discussion, including:

• How retailers and brands are accommodating increased demand
• Consumers' preference for larger pack sizes
• Secondary merchandising displays
• The need for brand activation and driving shopper intent via social media and targeted ads

Check out Will's recent post on adult beverage merchandising best prectices.


Roundtable Recap: How Restaurants are Adapting to COVID Challenges/To-Go Cocktail Packaging (Joseph Tarnowski, VP of Content, ECRM & Ashley Bray, Editor of Bar Business Magazine)

ECRM's Joseph Tarnowski and Ashley Bray of Bar Business Magazine each moderated roundtables during ECRM's On Premise Adult Beverage Virtual Session yesterday including buyer and seller participants.

Ashley's topic was on takeout adult beverages, and how bars and restaurants have innovated in that space over the past few months, while Joe's roundtable participants discussed how bars, restaurants and beverage alcohol brands have been trying to drive sales during COVID. In this video, they discuss some takeaways from each of their roundtables. 


Sarah Davidson

SVP of Grocery

Sarah Davidson is ECRM's SVP of Grocery, and can be reached at 440-542-3033

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