ECRM Hacks: Quick Tips for Suppliers Attending an EPPS  9/17/2018

ECRM sessions provide a wealth of opportunities for suppliers, In addition to the private, pre-scheduled meetings with retail and foodservice buyers, there are a ton of other opportunities for networking and discovering new business opportunities. 

To help you get the most out of each session, we've put together some videos of ECRM "Hacks" -- tips and tricks to help you more effectively prepare for your meetings, conduct your meetings, and follow up after your meetings, as well as other ways you can maximize the opportunities presented during the networking and other functions that occur during an EPPS.

The first nine videos are from myself and colleague Timothy Bush, who is on our International team, but we'll continue to add more over time from me and other ECRMers as they come up, so be sure to bookmark this page and keep coming back for more hacks! 


Hack No. 1: The Buyer Sample Box

Hack No 2: Study the Buyer Profiles!

Hack No. 3: Develop Your 'Social Pitch'

Hack No.4: Network with Other Suppliers

Hack No. 5: Pre-Meeting Mental Prep

Hack No. 6: Get on the Buyer's Calendar

Hack No. 7: The 'Bump' - a Post-Meeting Buyer Engagement

Hack No. 8: Knowledge is Power - Take Advantage of ECRM's Educational Programs

Hack No. 9: Meals Aren't just for Eating - They're for Connecting

Hack No. 10: Use the Market Research Data on the EPPS Prep Site.

Hack No. 11: Don't Trash Your Competitors in Buyer Meetings

Hack No. 12: Don't Overwhelm the Buyer with Info that's Not Relevant

Hack No. 13: Tailor your Meeting to the Number of Products you are Showcasing

Hack No. 14: Use the Star Rating System in the ECRM Connect App to Prioritize your Follow Ups

Hack No. 15: Get your Unique Point-of-Difference out Early in the Meeting

Hack No. 16: How to Successfully Conclude a Buyer Meeting

Hack No. 17: Organizing your Buyer Meeting Follow Ups


Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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