EPPS Buzz: Housewares, Household, GM and Value  8/11/2016

Both the Housewares, Household & General Merchandise Efficient Program Planning Session (EPPS) along with the Value Merchandise EPPS took place in Miami, Florida in mid-July, 2016. The following provides a high-level recap of the trends and other happenings that took place during both programs. 

Industry Trends: 
Hands down, the most popular trend during these programs was innovative packaging, ingredients and production techniques to have less of an impact on consumers and the environment. In fact, several companies in attendance based their entire brand concept on being environmentally friendly. For instance, one manufacturer, transforms textile waste into functional products like cloths and multi-purpose mats. Several other manufacturers used their non-toxic ingredients to craft their brand story as being environmentally friendly and safe to use around families. In addition to considering ingredients, many suppliers are changing the way they package their products in two key ways. First they are using materials that are more effectively recycled. The second element is minimizing the package size which benefits the environment and frees up shelf space for the retailer. 

But concerns about the environment were not solely from a manufacturer perspective as many voiced environmental sustainability concerns from a consumer perspective as well. “We live in a society that is entirely focused on capitalism and one of the biggest issues facing our country today is the fact that our system is based on infinite growth, yet, we only have a finite amount of resources,” said one supplier in attendance. “One thing I’ve noticed as a consumer is that I want to find products that are going to stop the destruction of the universe, stop the destruction of the planet.” 

Click here to watch a video from suppliers discussing some of the latest trends in the industry. 

Housewares, Household & General Merchandise EPPS: Buyer’s Choice Awards 
The suppliers who attended the Housewares, Household & General Merchandise EPPS had the opportunity to submit their hottest items to be judged by each retailer in attendance during the Buyer’s Choice Awards. Buyers had a tough choice but the following items won top honors: 
  • 3rd place went to Northern Response for their Tornado Bottle 
  • 2nd place went to SmartShake for their Smart Shake Bottle 
  • 1st place went to Enforcer One for their Personal Fire Aid Suppressor 

Register to attend in 2017! 
To learn more about why you can’t miss these sessions in 2017, watch this video testimonial video from 2016 attendees. 

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Congratulations to the Buyer's Choice Award winners!
1st Place Winner Enforcer One. Pictured left to right; Chuck Pittman and Jim Rudolph.
2nd Place Winner SmartShake. Pictured from left to right Bob Gedid, Tony Giovanini and Mikael Bergstorm
3rd Place Winner Northern Response. Pictured is Steve Knights.
Watch to learn about the latest trends discovered at both ECRM sessions!

Rachel Mayfield

Director of Marketing

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