Market Track to Discuss Vitamin, Supplement Promo Trends  12/23/2015

It’s a new world. There have never been as many chances to influence shoppers as there are today—and there have never been as many challenges if you are a retailer or manufacturer trying to break through competitive noise. Winning strategies are centered around understanding your consumer and leveraging the various mechanisms at the right time in the purchase cycle to drive awareness and action. This means taking a comprehensive look at the strategies and tactics across advertising in print, websites, email, social media, mobile, TV, radio, online display & video, and eCommerce in order to better orchestrate their advertising efforts.

During ECRM’s Vitamin, Diet & Sports Nutrition EPPS Event next month in Las Vegas, Market Track VP of Marketing Traci Gregorski will discuss how better alignment of brand and promotional messaging creates opportunity for stronger long-term brand affinity through amplification of message across media types or the use of segmentation and targeting by media type. In the new normal, tactics must evolve with the consumer, since they are in control of how they interact with advertising messages and are more proactive in seeking out deals.

General session date: Monday, January 11, from 7:20 am to 8 am.

The presentation will examine best in class examples of how leading organizations are making the most of the various tactics that drive results in the Vitamins/Dietary Supplements category.

Attendees will learn:

  • How TV ads are used by Vitamins, Supplements, & Sports Nutrition brands to deliver promotional deals to shoppers
  • How different brands and retailers leverage social media to engage consumers
  • What creative messaging brands use in their digital display and video ads
  • Which retail channel supports Vitamins, Supplements, & Sports Nutrition products most with online promotions
  • How big of a player is Private Label in the Vitamins, Supplements, & Sports Nutrition category
  • Which offer types and overlays are typically promoted with Vitamins, Supplements, & Sports Nutrition products
The event will also feature a general session from Paul Jarrett, CEO of Bulu Box:

Click here for more information, or call Lisa Carrillo, SVP of HBC at 440-528-0427

Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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