ECRM Best Practices: Event Preparation  12/2/2015

You’ve registered for an upcoming ECRM event, now what? With the event just around the corner, ECRM has just the tools you need to get going.

To hit all of the items on your prep checklist, your account manager will walk you through each step of the preparation website.

First, flag the product categories that apply to your business. These categories determine which companies are on your meeting schedule.  Communicate business capabilities by completing your company profile. By making this information available to each company on your appointment list, you can skip the introductions and get down to business once you’re face to face.

Suppliers enter item information into product library, while buyers review product offerings beforehand and select items of interest at the event.

Use your appointment list to learn more about the companies you’re meeting with. A preliminary time and date schedule can also be accessed through the appointment list. For suppliers, freight details and shuttle arrangements are made while buyers work with their account manager to book travel arrangements.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming ECRM event and until then we’ll be in touch to make sure event preparation goes smoothly.

For more information or questions please contact your account manager or call 440-498-0500.

Learn more about how to select your event categories, complete your company profile, review your meeting schedule and more!

Rachel Mayfield

Director of Marketing

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