Podcast: How to Know When it is Time to Change Course  7/9/2018

In this month's On the Shelf Flash Topic Podcast, the panelists discuss how suppliers can determine if it's time to make a drastic change in their business, product or brand (or all three).

We covered a lot of ground in this one including:

  • What are the indicators of the need for change? Is it the market? Is it a lack of passion for the business?
  • What kind of change should you make? A slight pivot or total reinvention?
  • Where to go for help in making these decision?

About the Podcast Moderator
Timothy Bush is the host of the On the Shelf podcast, which is aimed at helping suppliers in their efforts to get on the shelves of big box retailers. To contact Tim, or to submit topics for future podcast discussions,  you can email him here.

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Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content


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