Trends in the Beauty Category  3/14/2018

The beauty category continues to innovate, and retailers and suppliers alike need to keep up with these trends if they want to stay relevant in the marketplace.  Here are some of the latest trends we are seeing in the category.


Gender Neutral Beauty: This segment of the category focuses on the individual which transforms the products being offered.  Micro-influencers are vital to this segment as they are no longer just pretty girls whose makeup you admire in YouTube videos.  Rather, talented makeup artists are popping up all over social media and include men and women alike!  It will be interesting to watch how this emerging trend guides future product innovation.


Skin from Head to Toe:  Skincare has begun to redefine itself, going beyond just your face and aiming to beautify skin from head to toe.  This Brazilian approach to skincare treats the body as one does their face.  Total body cleansers, serums, acid exfoliators and moisturizers with SPF are becoming increasingly popular.  All areas of the skin deserve the anti-aging attention that is given to the face.


Masks:  Alongside this new approach to overall skincare, masks and patches are taking note. The mask market is maturing and continuing to expand to body specific masks for your chest, arms and hands. These products target problem areas and offer a solution to ageing issues. 


Scalp Care:  The extreme weather has had serious effect on people’s skin, including their scalps.  As people start focusing on the overall wellbeing of all their skin, the scalp is finally getting the attention it deserves.  The solution for dry scalps is a must, however dandruff shampoos have always had a negative connotation.  The need for these types of products is relevant, but so is the need to address the issue quietly.  The way manufacturers have been able to combat this is by first creating more subtle packaging.  Words like “scalp treatment” or “dry scalp solution” appear on packages rather than the dreaded “dandruff” word.  Additionally, these new dandruff solutions are taking a more herbaceous than medicinal approach.  The same active ingredients such as salicylic acid and pyrithione zinc, are still used, however these new hair care products incorporate oils like eucalyptus and tea tree oil to differentiate themselves.  Other ingredients include peppermint oil, jasmine, bergamot, and sandalwood.


Portable Beauty Devices:  To further aid the skin rejuvenation throughout the entire body, gadgets and other portable beauty devices are rising in admiration.  Derma rollers and light therapy masks have recently made way and are becoming a must need item for those focusing on their skin care needs on the go. 


Supplements:  Beauty from within is not a new trend but one that continues to hold weight in this category.  Internal beauty is a necessity for those who focus on improving their skin.  To make waves here, new delivery forms are being introduced.  Collagen is the key ingredient people are looking to add to their wellness plans, however the form they are getting this in continues to change.  At the moment, powder forms of collagen are progressively prevalent.  The consumer can add the powder supplement to any meal or drink, making it easy to incorporate into daily routines.


Active Beauty:  Exercise specific concerns are creating new makeup and beauty products that will fly off the shelves.  Clogged pores and redness come with the territory of exercising, and beauty products that can help with such issues are growing in popularity.  Breathable, workout ready make up is gaining serious traction in this category.  Sweat resistant mascara and brow products as well as lip & cheek palettes that do not clog pores are a must-have for someone who cares just as much about their health as they do their skin routine.


CBD Oil:  Another product that is turning heads is CBD Oil.  The idea of cannabis in skincare is beginning to hold serious value as benefits are starting to show face.  While speculation still exists, CBD oil products have provided solutions to problem areas people are experiencing.  CBD Oil is nonpsychoactive, meaning that no high is experienced from using products containing the oil.  The oil however has calming and anti-inflammatory properties that provide serious solutions for the body.  These benefits are huge for skincare, especially those who suffer from acne.  CBD oil lotions are growing in acceptance as wellness continues to grow alongside beauty.  These lotions are known to relieve soreness and aid in pain management.  Some manufacturers have taken this one step further by mixing the oil with manuka honey for greater topical solutions.


The beauty category is going through major product developments and serious growth.  Now, more than ever, we must pay attention to the solutions consumers are weaving into their everyday beauty routines to stay on top of the latest trends.  The beauty category, or how we know it today,  is completely changing its face and rejuvenating itself just as the products it offers.

Lauren DeRoia

Marketing & Design Manager

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