ECRM Honors On-Premise Adult Beverage Award Winners  12/14/2017

Dozens of companies showcased their beer, wine and spirits offerings at ECRM’s On-Premise Adult Beverage EPPS People’s Choice Awards, during which attendees sampled products and cast their votes on several categories, including Best New Product, Best Bottle Design, Best Beer, Wine and Spirits.

The winners for each of these categories is listed below, along with a photo gallery of images from the awards and the winning products.

Best New Product: The Original Jel Shot Co.’s Original Jel Shots
The Original Jel Shot Co. has put a new spin on the “Jell-O Shots” for a new generation of drinkers. The Original Jel shots are pre-formed and pre-packed jel shots that come in 100ml (4x 25ml shots/box) or a 30 Shot Party Trays (equivalent to 750ml bottle) and are available in Florida and New York with plans to launch nationwide by 2019.

Each shot is 30 proof (15% ABV), made of neutral sugar cane grain alcohol, doesn’t require refrigeration and can be served chilled or frozen. They are not made with Gelatin and are 100 percent vegan and gluten-free, and are available in flavors of Root Beer, Banana, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Cinnamon and Peach. In addition, these shots can be added to any mixed drink to create new infused cocktails.

Best Bottle Design: Bodega & Co.’s Lolea N.5 Rosé
Sangria Lolea was brought to the United States by Bodega & Company in 2014 after it was successfully introduced in Spain re-defining the premium Sangria segment within the category. Following the traditional Sangria concept, but with a frizzante touch, premium ingredients and packaging, Lolea has been able to expand across the United States and establish itself as a leader in the premium Sangria category.

The Lolea N.5 Rosé is the newest expression of Lolea. It was launched in some states during summer of 2017 with a high initial success, and will expand to a broad market in 2018. According to Bodega & Co., Lolea Rosé is sophisticated and stylish with beautiful Hibiscus Flower and refreshing Ginger natural flavors and features a clear white polka-dot bottle, resealable top, and chic taste.

Best Beer: Honey Grail’s Boudica's Uprising Mead
Honey Grail creates historically-inspired, honey-sweetened adult beverages, including a sparkling honey mead (Boudica's Uprising), a citrus Chardonnay honey mimosa (Nefertiti's Dominion), and a honey rum cider grog (Buccaneers' Bounty). Each vividly packaged, gluten-free beverage measures 6.9% ABV.

Mead is the first and oldest alcoholic beverage in human history, some 4,000 years older than beer and wine. Honey Grail's Boudica's Uprising mead was developed to be an effervescent twist on the classic beverage. Honey Grail pioneers an innovative spin on a classic wine varietal by infusing a rich citrus zest with a touch of honey and a slight effervescence with Nefertiti's Dominion. Grog was created in 1740 when British Admiral Edward Vernon ordered that rum be added to his ship's liquid rations to mask off-flavors and lengthen the shelf life; Honey Grail's Buccaneers' Bounty re-imagines this maritime beverage by combining hard apple cider, rum essence, and a bit of honey.

Best Wine: Delegat’s Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre
Founded in New Zealand in 1947, family-owned super-premium wine company Delegat has wineries and vineyards in the leading regions of New Zealand and Australia, including Oyster Bay and Barossa Valley Estate. Its Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre is a combination of three majestic grape varieties perfected in a true Barossa Valley style.

Best Spirits: Infuse Spirits Mango Habanero Vodka
Infuse Spirits creates single bottle infused Vodkas that are completely done by hand; all natural, shelf stable, and have indefinite shelf life. They have no added sugars, artificial colors, flavors or chemicals, with an average wholesale price of just $18 per bottle. In addition, the company infuses nine- month-old Kentucky Bourbon with three types of Oak (French, American and Sherry Cask) that is 95 Proof, with an average wholesale price of just $24 per bottle. It also hand infuses a line of bitters with real roots and spices to create powerful and delicious tinctures.

The Infuse Spirits Mango Habanero Vodka was developed for the serious spice and flavor connoisseur. It has a strong orange-gold color, and aromas of fresh mango with subtle pepper and spiced hazelnut, providing a hot and sweet taste with a long and unique finish, according to the company.  

The Winners of ECRM's On-Premise Adult Beverage People's Choice Awards
Winner - Best New Product: The Original Jel Shots
Winner - Best Packaging: Bodega & Co.'s Lolea N.5 Rosé
Best Beer: Honey Grail’s Boudica's Uprising Mead
Best Wine: Delegat’s Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre
Best Spirits: Infuse Spirits Mango Habanero Vodka

Sarah Davidson

SVP of Grocery

Sarah Davidson is ECRM's SVP of Grocery, and can be reached at 440-542-3033

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