ECRM Webcast: Walmart - Winning On and Off the Shelf  6/1/2017

Webcast Date: Wednesday, June 21, from 2PM to 3PM EST

In Walmart’s ever-changing merchandising environment, suppliers have a lot of questions as to how they can maximize their merchandising impact.

Questions such as: How can I can I develop winning solutions for Walmart’s Retail Ready Packaging requirements? How do I go about forming merchandising strategies that simplify the shopping experience? How can my organization create engaging off-shelf solutions that drive conversion and support Walmart’s EDLP mission? How can I leverage smarter display designs and retail partnerships to enhance in-store execution?

During this live webcast, to be held Wednesday, June 21, Aaron Shinkle, Menasha Director of Business Development - Walmart, and Marc Yount, President and COO of Field Agent, will answer these questions as they discuss the top emerging merchandising trends at Walmart in 2017 and how to leverage these trends to drive execution, remain compliant with Walmart guidelines, grow sales, and differentiate your brand at Walmart.

Among the topics they will discuss are:
  • Retail Ready Packaging – achieving the “5 Easies”
  • Merchandising Strategies - Simplify Her Shopping Experience
  • Driving Top Line Sales - Create engaging displays for the “busy family” that drive conversion & support EDLP
  • Enhancing In-Store Execution – Develop Smart Displays and Retail Partnerships
Following the presentation there will be a live interactive question-and-answer session with Menasha and Marc Yount from Field Agent during which time they will address questions submitted by attendees.

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Speaker Bios:

Aaron Shinkle
Aaron Shinkle is the Director of Business Development on Menasha’s Walmart/Sam’s Club Team. Aaron spent several years in Ops/In-Store Execution prior to joining Menasha in early 2014. This experience gave Aaron a passion for developing smarter merchandising solutions that drive sales and enhance operational efficiencies. Aaron holds a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management from John Brown University, and he and his family reside in the Bentonville, AR area.

Marc Yount
Marc Yount is the President and COO of Field Agent. Prior to helping start Field Agent in 2010, Marc worked in various CPG, Research, and Marketing roles, selling to retail and working with the broader supplier community. He has a passion for seeing new business ideas grow and flourish. Marc has a BS degree in Marketing Management from the University of Arkansas.”

Mark Your Calendars!
Menasha will be hosting an additional webinar focused on Costco on Wednesday, September 13. Don’t miss it!

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VP Content

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