What Retail Buyers Want: Housewares, Household & GM  5/21/2017

As part of their preparation for ECRM’s 60+ EPPS meetings, retail buyers complete a form on the EPPS prep site, indicating the subcategories they are buying for, and on what areas they are focusing their buying efforts.

Based on this information, collected from more than 110 buyers and category managers attending our meetings, here are a few key areas of interest around the Housewares, Household and General Merchandise categories:

As Seen on TV: Products regularly advertised on TV infomercials, which can be displayed together on an endcap or special section of the store under the As Seen on TV brand.

Natural & Sustainable Products: Household cleaners made from natural or eco-friendly ingredients. Also, paper products that are made from recycled materials or are compostable. (However, many buyers are still looking for traditional household chemical and paper products, as well).

Food Prep-Related Products: This includes kitchen gadgets and appliances, cookware, bakeware, cutlery, and small kitchen storage and organization products that reduce kitchen clutter.

Problem-Solvers: Unique or hard-to-find functional items that make life around the home easier.

“Treasure Hunt” Items: Closeouts, overstocks, buybacks, opportunity buys and direct-import items that enable retailers to continuously switch up their offerings, providing a regular “treasure hunt” experience in their stores to keep shoppers returning.

Impulse Items: General merchandise products with impulse appeal, that can be placed around the store in shippers or clip strips, or merchandised at the front end.

Value-Priced Products: General merchandise products that have great perceived value; s few buyers mentioned they are specifically looking for items that can be sold for under $10.

Private Brands: Merchandise across all categories that can be sold under the retailer’s brand to help differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Drop-Ship Capabilities: Suppliers should note that an increasing number of retailers, particularly those expanding their web presence or selling through catalogs are looking for drop-shop capabilities.


Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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