Wellness Menu Trends: From Fine Dining to Food Trucks  11/15/2016

Looking at the top healthy terms on today’s menus—gluten-free, organic, local, all-natural, and vegan, in that order—what immediately pops out in the increasing importance of vegan. Packaged Facts survey data from February 2016 show that 28% of Millennials somewhat if not strongly agree that they are vegetarian or vegan, compared with only 13% of those 35 or over. Underlying the ascendancy of such healthy eating terms is a food revolution that is not only generational, but also cultural, medical, and regulatory—all of these top health terms, for example, fall between the cracks of the FDA’s Nutrition Facts Label.

During his presentation at ECRM’s Foodservice: Natural, Organic & Better for You EPPS, MarketResearch.com Publishing and Packaged Facts Research Director David Sprinkle examined how menus are among the most accessible indicators of the health and wellness mindsets and priorities that are driving changes in what and how consumers eat. Looking at historical menu trends, menu item introductions and LTOs, menu healthy term descriptors, and chain restaurant patronage patterns, along with the distinctive behaviors and psychographics of the trend-setting Millennial generation, he discussed health and wellness trends across sectors (QSR and fast casual; full-service family, casual, and fine dining; snack and beverage restaurant concepts; food trucks) with a focus on breakfast all day, protein and grain trends, small plates and portion control, snacks/desserts, and natural beverages.

The presentation provide information to help:

  • Deepen understanding of the wellness drivers and trends that have spurred the food industry to reassess its role in public health
  • Track prevailing and emerging health-related menu trends, menu offerings, and ingredients/ingredient avoidances
  • Chart consumer attitudes on food, weight management, and health & wellness, looking at distinct patterns across consumer subgroups and varied eating occasions

Click here to download the presentation slides

Below are videos of some key takeaways from the presentation (click the menu icon in the upper-left corner to view the full playlist).

Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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